Saturday, February 18, 2006

Mr Legine : The answers

Why are you involved in The Album Zone ?
I was being held hostage in a dance music confinement chamber (known as 'a club') until I signed the papers. Also because there's nothing like it anywhere on the planet. People need us.

What's your favourite colour ?
Green, but I look good (so I'm told) in black. Oh, and the colour of my true love's hair

What's your favourite sweets ?
Cakes (especially coffee flavoured),dark chocolate Bounty Bars, Rolo's, American Hard Gums, Bon Bons (lemon and toffee), most liquorice, Extra Strong Mints and chewing gum
The Ballroom Blitz was good as well

Favourite Food :
Curry still tops the menu and usually leaves a stain on it, but I also love English roast dinners and frankly Xmas pudding should be available all year round

Least Favourite Food :
Anything pre-fabricated or enhanced that has never been near something that was nurtured in a well balanced, stress and chemical free environment then lightly killed, cut or pulled...........with chips

What do you want to be when you grow up ?
'When we are no longer children, we are already dead' - Constantin Brancuzi
I don't know who he was either

Choose ONE word to describe yourself :

What could you not live without ?
This planet, but apart from that, music and something to play it on. Everything else is tish and phipcy

Who could you not live without ?
My Lady Jo of the Danemark, my Son and Heir Elliot of The Gherkin and friendly human beings

What's the greatest Single ever made ?
Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen because it was so tenacious as everyone around them said they'd lost the plot and it would bomb. Also nothing like it will ever reach the top of the charts again

What's the greatest Album ever made ?
This is an impossible question as there are so many, but for today I'll say; The Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd as its perfect from heartbeat to heartbeat. I first heard it when I was 14 and it turned me around completely leading me to every album I own today of whatever genre. 35 million people can't be wrong can they?

If you could change something about yourself, what would it be ?
Physically, I'd like to be a bit shorter, fart less and stop fiddling with my nuts
Psychologically, I'd like to be a bit taller, fart louder and get my nuts out in public

Do you love Custard ?
Hot on apple crumble yes. When served cold it's only good for mending garage doors

Favourite subject at School :
Playtime and English

Least favourite subject at School :
Dinners and Maths

Favourite Football Team :
Leeds United, Leyton Orient, England - both footy and cricket teams as, when pushed, I prefer to watch cricket

Favorite Cheerleader team :
No comment at this time

Mode of Transport :
I love to drive but since moving to Denmark, the humble cycle has become an essential and great way to travel. It's healthy and if you scream really loudly whilst cycling, when you stop you can say to people, 'a cheap but noisy way to travel', then they laugh and laugh and laugh

IQ :
I'm a drummer

Colour of Socks :
Black or dark blue

Favourite Pet :
My cats, a black male called Herbie and a tabby female called Misser which is Danish for pussy.

No, not that !

Favourite Smartie colour :
Smartie people are happy people, they smile all the time.
I think mine is E117 though E115 has a good hue about it

Favourite flavour of Crisps :
Walkers smokey bacon by miles

Favourite Places :
Sitting behind my drums or a mixing desk, being at home and the plaice I once had at a fish restaurant in Hastings was good

You are moving to the Moon, but you are allowed to take just THREE personal possessions with you. What would they be ?
My albums, my drums and my kettle should do it.
As the late Ronnie Scott used to say at dodgy gigs, 'This place is like the moon, no atmosphere!'

I suppose he could have said it in the fish restaurant as well

Best Friend :
I don't have a best friend. I love all my friends and some are best at certain times and some at others.

Worst Friend :
They would'nt be much of a friend now would they?

Best TV Programmes ever :
In no particular order then;
Star Trek (original and Next Gen), The Singing Detective, Blackadder, Cracker - To Be A Somebody, Lovejoy, The Day Today, The Old Grey Whistle Test, Channel 4 Cricket, Fawlty Towers, Parkinson, The Monkees, Dr.Who, F.A.Cup Final Day on BBC regardless who plays, Match of the Day, The New Avengers (Joanna Lumley - holy cow!!), Porridge, The Goodies, I'm Alan Partridge, 24, Starksy and Hutch, The Virginian, Alias Smith and Jones, The Big Match, The Persuaders .............................. I could go on !

Best Radio Programmes ever :
Peel, The Kenny Everett Show, Alan Freemans Saturday Rock Show, the chart run-down on Sunday nights, Test Match Special, I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, Bob Geldof when he had a show on XFM and Chris Morris when he had a show on G.L.R.

Best Song Lyric ever :
This is surely the hardest of the lot but I'm going for; 'Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way, the time is gone the song is over, thought I'd something more to say' from Time by The Floyd. It made me shiver when I was 14 and it still does it now.

Best advice you've ever been given :
Take what you've got, 'cause maybe you only get one

Worst advice you've ever been given :
Luckily, I've never been given any life shattering bad advice. Some funny bad advice was waaay back when I worked on building sites. I was in command of the dumper truck one morning and needed to chug across some uncharted territory in the middle of which was a huge puddle. I stopped but, 'It's OK' my colleague shouted, 'you can come straight over'. I chugged on into the puddle then plunged up to me arse in freezing cold, stinking water which had filled a hole about 3 feet deep

Best Films ever :
In no particular order then;
Bladerunner, Sideways, Reservoir Dogs, Brazil, Alien Trilogy, Life of Brian, Bullit, The French Connection, The Wild Bunch, Get Carter, The Ipcress File, Marathon Man, Time Bandits, Wages of Sin, Raising Arizona, Citizen Kane, Casablanca, Delicatessen, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Usual Suspects, The Exorcist, Last Tango In Paris, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Withnail and I, The Raiders Trilogy, Blazing Saddles, The Hill, Pulp Fiction, The Name of The Rose, The Company of Wolves, Kind Hearts and Coronets, I'm Alright Jack and 12 Monkeys, and anything directed by Kubrick, Lynch, Scorsese and Peckinpah................................... I could go on

Final thoughts :
I think the best team'll win unless it's doon to some wooeful defend'unn !