Sunday, June 04, 2006

It's an AZ Sweepstake

Ok, so it might be a bit of a daft idea. But we're good at those, so let's keep going. After a chance conversation today here in AZ Towers, we decided a World Cup Sweepstake was in order. We'd put a bunch of names into a hat (well, an envelope actually) which were made up of AZ Presenters, AZ friends, and the names of the most recent AZ listeners to contact us, sort of. That kind of thing. Still with me ? Good.
In the other envelope, the 32 teams taking part this summer.
Each person gets 2 teams. The winner at the end of the competition (bear in mind this finishes on July 9) will get a prize. We don't know what yet. But we were a bit bored today whilst PCs and Studios were doing things like uploading and defragmenting and things like that, so this idea passed the time. So, even if you are not particularly interested in the World Cup, or your team isn't taking part (sorry Johnny !) but your name is on the list below, then you've got 2 teams you can cheer for. Ok ? Great.
On the prediction front by the way, I, Mr Steve Lloyd, think Brazil will win the competition. A certain Scotsman called Johnny Reece (helping me make this sweepstake draw) thinks Argentina will be World Champions.
We shall see.
Ok, here goes, and we're typing this out as we actually make the draw, so it's all coming out of the envelopes, in the exact order you will see below... !
Persons name first, then your 2 teams, and you're stuck with them. So, off we go...

Johnny Reece - Ukraine, England
Katrine - Mexico, Sweden
Peter from Denmark - Germany, Paraguay
Steve A.Z. Page - Saudi Arabia, Spain
Rich Phoenix - South Korea, Croatia
Nick Saloman - Ghana, France
James Barclay - Italy, Australia
Marianne from Hull - Serbia and Montenegro, Brazil
Richard Bismarck - USA, Japan
Andy Miles - Togo, Switzerland
Fawn from Chicago - Ecuador, Ivory Coast
Steve Lloyd - Argentina, Tunisia
Steve Siren in Leicester - Iran, Portugal
Zoe Street - Angola, Trinidad & Tobago
Rhonda from Germany - Czech Republic, Poland
Gil Legine - Costa Rica, Holland

Good luck !
And can I just say, that I drew the names, and Johnny Reece drew the teams.
The look on his face was priceless when he drew England out.
He immediately demanded a re-draw ! I said no.
So, the winner gets a prize. We'll think of something before July 9th, I'm sure...

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