Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spoilt for choice !

Hi Zoners,
it's all action on the Pod front. Normally, when we have a large load of new AZ Programmes at hand, we drip feed them to you (just in case you overdose, you understand).
Not so this time. We're going for it, and it's up to you whether you can take it.
It was time to do a major rearrangement of Pod Programmes, therefore, since the weekend, there are no fewer than 6 (yes !, there are Six !, count 'em !) brand new Album Zone Programmes up on our Pod, from Richard Bismarck, Zoe, Andy Miles, Gil Legine, Barry De Foyle, and Johnny Reece.
Many of these shows are exclusively there first, before being aired via our other outlets.

So, go for it !
They are located at :
Meanwhile, just the other day, I arranged all the forthcoming Programme Schedules, for April and May 2008. As this was only on our Blog for a day or two and you may have missed it, it's repeated for you below.
Have a great week everyone,



Programme Schedules : April / May 2008

The Album Zone via RTI (www.rti.fm, and Sky 0195)

EVERY SUNDAY at 20.00 hrs (UK time) : Johnny Reece


Saturdays, 21.00 hrs (UK time) :

12th April : Johnny Reece
19th April : Andy Miles
26th April : Richard Bismarck
3rd May : Barry De Foyle
10th May : Zoe Paranoe
17th May : Rich Phoenix
24th May : Reecey and Zoe
31st May : Gil Legine


The Album Zone via Radio Seagull (www.radioseagull.com)

(First date 18.00 hours, second date 02.00 hours, both UK time).

7th and 11th April : Barry De Foyle
8th and 12th April : Richard Bismarck
9th and 13th April : Johnny Reece
14th and 18th April : Andy Miles
15th and 19th April : Zoe Paranoe
16th and 20th April : Johnny Reece
21st and 25th April : Richard Bismarck
22nd and 26th April : Barry De Foyle
23rd and 27th April : Johnny Reece
28th April and 2nd May : Zoe Paranoe
29th April and 3rd May : Gil Legine
30th April and 4th May : Johnny Reece
5th and 9th May : Rich Phoenix
6th and 10th May : Simon G
7th and 11th May : Johnny Reece
12th and 16th May : Gil Legine
13th and 17th May : Reecey and Zoe
14th and 18th May : Johnny Reece
19th and 23rd May : Simon G
20th and 24th May : Rich Phoenix
21st and 25th May : Johnny Reece
26th and 30th May : Reecey and Zoe
27th and 31st May : Barry De Foyle

ALL our night-time (02.00 hours) Shows via Radio Seagull, are also repeated, on Tenerife 105 FM... late Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights...