Friday, April 27, 2007

Weekend Playlists !

Well, Zoneheads, here we are again.
Some of us have been visiting seaside towns, taking naps on the beach and suchlike, whilst the rest of us are working away. Lucky for some !
Oh, and just for a little change, I thought I would give you a rest from mugshots of various presenters, and risk the wrath of Mrs Lloyd by making her the absolute star of the show on the Official AZ Blog this time. Hey look, it's an honour !!!
On to this weekend, and Saturday, sees Rich Phoenix return to the AZ airwaves after too long an absence, followed on Sunday, by Johnny Reece in his usual slot.
Meanwhile, we do hope for some revenue from our new T-shirts, as the time for an upgrade of major parts of software, re the Main Studio PC, is nigh. We'll be getting to work on all of that, in the next few weeks.
Weekend ahoy !, and it all looks like this :
Rich Phoenix 21.00 hrs (UK time) and Sky 0195,
Saturday 28th April 2007 :
Eddie Cochran - Somethin' Else
Rolling Stones - Street Fighting Man
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Wait Until Tomorrow
Don Henley - The End Of The Innocence
Simon and Garfunkel - The Boxer
Rickie Lee Jones - Falling Up
Lloyd Cole and The Commotions - Rattlesnakes
David Bowie - John, I'm Only Dancing
Randy Newman - Every Time It Rains
T.Rex - Broken Hearted Blues
Neil Young - The Needle And The Damage Done (Unplugged)
Argent - Hold Your Head Up
Ezio - All I Really Want
The Doors - Love Her Madly
Genesis - I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
Squeeze - Another Nail In My Heart
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - Change The Locks
Cream - Strange Brew
Bryan Ferry - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
The Beatles - Fool On The Hill
Elvis Costello and The Attractions - Everyday I Write The Book
ZZ Top - Velcro Fly
Pink Floyd - St Tropez
Wings - Letting Go
The Kinks - She's Got Everything
Charlotte Gainsbourg - The Songs That We Sing
U2 - The Unforgettable Fire
Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade Of Pale
T.Rex - Ride A White Swan
John Kongos - He's Gonna Step On You Again
Johnny Reece Show : Sunday 29th april 2007 : 20.00 hrs (UK time) and Sky 0195
Louis XIV - Illegal Tender
The Stranglers - 96 Tears
Splashdown - Karma Slave
Pretty Things - The Good Mr. Square / She Was Tall, She Was High
Black Box Recorder - Uptown Top Ranking
The Ronettes - Walking In The Rain
Bryan Ferry - Don't Ever Change
Interpol - Evil
The Beatles - What You're Doing
Big Stick - Drag Racing
The Cure - The Perfect Girl
Kursaal Flyers - Little Does She Know
Johns Children - Midsummer Nights Scene
Yo La Tengo feat. Jad Fair - Nevada Man Invents Piano with 21 Extra Keys
France Gall - N'Ecoute Pas Les Idoles
Thomas Dolby - Screen Kiss
Morris Quinlan Experience - It Must Be Summer
Tarwater - 04.16 Marc Bolan No.1
T.Rex - The Motivator
Emily Trex - You Took The Backdoor Out Of My Heart
R.E.M. - Leave (Alternate version)
Perry Blake - 1971
Brian Eno - Mother Whale Eyeless
Square Window - Talk Becomes A Mantra
John Otway - Geneve
Tom Waits - Childrens Story
Ezio - 10,000 Bars
Gary Numan - Stories
Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel - Red Is A Mean, Mean Colour
The Blue Nile - Let's Go Out Tonight

Have a great weekend, and thanks, as ever, for your support.
Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone
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Friday, April 20, 2007

Blubber on guard again, and Weekend Playlists

Bonsoir Mes Ami, Hello Zoneheads, Lords, Ladies, and Gentlemen...
A weekend away for most of us, so Playlists, Blogs, Bulletins, all out and about early for you this time.
Even the Pod has been updated in advance !
This coming weekend sees (well, 'hears') the return of the dulcit tones of our one and only Englishman turned Viking, Mr Gil Legine, to the airwaves. Now esconced in Copenhagen, no less - but still Zoning, we are very happy to say. The Gilster is on air, at 21.00 hours, on Saturday evening, (UK time).
Got the net ? Got broadband ? Then anywhere you are in the world - you can tune in.
Sunday evening, as you will know, is the Scotsmans regular spot.
Johnny Reece takes to the airwaves on Sunday evening, 20.00 hours UK time, again, worldwide, via RTI, address as before -
Those with Sky Satellite across Europe, can also tune in to both Saturday and Sunday shows, simply by tuning to Sky Channel 0195.
Usually, weekend Programmes from AZ are transferred to our Pod once they have already been aired around the world via RTI - not this time - they are there for you already !
Pod address at the top of this page, in case you want to tune in before the 'official' airings occur. We put them up there early, as we are leaving Blubber the Wonder Goldfish in charge again here at AZ Towers this weekend. Let's just hope he gets up to no mischief.
Thanks to those of you who have taken an interest in our official Album Zone Merchandise. Over the next few weeks, you will hear the odd Ad Spot dedicated to this, in our programming. A quick look back at our previous Blog, or, on the pictures behind our MySpace profile ( and you can have a sneak peak at the new T-Shirts on offer. We may even alter the design a little, to include our MySpace web address too, below the current AZ Logo. Oh, to be an artist ! But, if you want to know more, just mail us at, and we can furnish you with any details, ok ?
Onto the Music - it's what matters - and here are the weekend playlists :
Gil Legine Show : Saturday 21st April 2007
Worldwide via, 21.00 hours, UK time :
The Dears - Death Or Life We Want You
Michael Brecker - Escher Sketch (A Tale Of Two Rhythms)
Ivor Cutler - Face Like A Lemon
Arcade Fire - Keep The Car Running
Family - Old Songs, New Songs
Field Music - A House Is Not A Home
Q.O.T.S.A. - No One Knows
Ben Harper - Black Rain
The Good, The Bad & The Queen - Kingdom Of Doom
The Nice - Country Pie / Brandenburg Concerto No. 6
Midlake - Head Home
Foo Fighters - February Stars
Steve Hillage - Lunar Musick Suite
Guillemots - Trains To Brazil
Jarvis - I Will Kill Again
The Smiths - That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
Tom Waits - You Can Never Hold Back String
Sigur Ros - Hjartad Hamast
TV On The Radio - Hours
Radiohead - Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong
Pavlov's Dog - Song Dance
Frank Zappa - Cruising For Burgers
Johnny Reece Show : Sunday 22nd April 2007
Worldwide via, 20.00 hours, UK time :
C.C.S. - Whole Lotta Love
Love And Rockets - So Alive
Rolling Stones - Mother's Little Helper
The LAs - There She Goes
Phil Lynott - Old Town
White Stripes - I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
The Waterboys - Is She Conscious ?
Beck - Nicotine And Gravy
Chris Isaak - Can't Do A Thing (To Stop Me)
Joey Ramone - I Got Knocked Down (But I'll Get Up)
The Beatles - Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite
Alton Ellis - Muriel
Morris Quinlan Experience - You And The Night
Bryan Ferry - Chance Meeting
Bee Gees - Melody Fair
Bevis Frond - Return Of The Stylites
Stevie Wonder - Creepin'
Metric - Empty
Andy White - Religious Persuasion
Pink Floyd - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
Lloyd Cole - No More Love Songs
The Tubes - Madam I'm Adam
Chicks On Speed - Coventry
Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo - Embarrassed Teen Accidentally Uses Rare Postage Stamp
Folk Implosion - Free To Go
David Bowie - Amsterdam
Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel - Sebastian ('Live')
And there we have it.
I wish a magical weekend to you all.
Thanks, as ever, for your support.
Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone
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Friday, April 13, 2007

Weekend Playlists 14 / 15 April, and AZ Merchandise

Ooh, what's this ? Early again ? Wonders never cease.
Hi Zoneheads, and here we are with more news that's unfit to print.
On to the Weekend Programmes in just a second, news first that we are just in the late planning stages now of what we have been asked about several times, which is our own merchandise.
By next week, it will be up and running, we'll start easily and simply, a few Tee Shirts, an AZ Mug, and oh, a cute little button badge.
And, we'll see where we go from there.
More news on that, on our MySpace page, the URL will follow at the end of this particular blog.
Ok !
On to the weekend, and it's Pixie and Reecey time.
Pixie is in your ears this Saturday, via, at 21.00 hours, UK time.
Sunday, it's Johnny Reece in his usual slot, at 20.00 hours, UK time.
Playlists as follows :
Pixie ! Saturday 14th April 2007
1. Dance With Her! Killerchaps
2. Trash New York Dolls
3. Baby I'm Burning Dolly Parton
4. This Is My Life Kim Larsen
5. Good For My Soul The Jesus and Mary Chain
6. I Get Along Libertines
7. I Used To Think Cars Can Be Blue
8. A Thing Called Love Johnny Cash
9. Absolutely No Decorum The Ark
10. Be Here To Love Me Norah Jones
11. Keep Fishin' Weezer
12. Louie, Louie The Kingsmen
13. Decent Days And Nights The Futureheads
14. Good Song Salem Al Fakir
15. Some Loud Thunder Clap Your Hands Say Yeah !
16. Walk On The Wild Side Lou Reed
17. Execution Song Johnossi
18. Please Mr. Postman The Marvelettes
19. High Life Counting Crows
20. From Here And On Bombshell Rocks
21. Get Up Juliette And The Licks
22. If You Know What Love Is Weeping Willows
23. Out Of Time The Ramones
24. Rainy Days Revisited Hellacopters
25. Tarzan Boy Baltimora
26. Vi Kommer Att Dö Samtidigt Säkert
27. We Used To Be Friends Dandy Warhols
28. Platinum Blonde Blondie
29. Let's Not Fall Apart David & The Citizens
30. Little Ghost White Stripes
31. Take 'Em All Cock Sparrer
32. Every Day Brainpool
33. Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows Lesley Gore
34. Vi Gillar Varann Hovet
35. Crackle feat. Johnny Reece Why Don't You Telephone
Johnny Reece Show, Sunday 15th April 2007
1. Alice Cooper - Hello Hurray
2. Peggy Lee vs. Iggy Pop - Fever Passenger
3. Rolling Stones - Sex Drive
4. The Silencers - I Can Feel It
5. Amy Arena - Excuse Me
6. Snowfight In The City Centre - Listen
7. Ramones - Life's A Gas
8. T.Rex - Electric Slim And The Factory Hen
9. Betty Curse - The Look On Tony's Face
10. Mike Scott - Edinburgh Castle
11. Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Isobel Goudie
12. I Monster - Back Seat Of My Car
13. Lily Allen - Littlest Things
14. Roxy Music - True To Life
15. Cansai De Ser Sexy - Art Bitch
16. Smoking Popes - Just Broke Up
17. The Troggs - I Can't Control Myself
18. Blondie vs. The Doors - Rapture Riders
19. Ian Hunter - Michael Picasso
20. John Lennon - Dear John (Home Demo)
21. Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats
22. Michael Hutchence - Possibilities
23. Amy Winehouse - Back To Black
24. Ezio Lunedei - Just Because You're Near
25. Tom Waits - If I Have To Go
26. Rotary Connection feat. Minnie Riperton - Inside My Love
27. Kenny Rogers And The First Edition - Something's Burning
Have a fine weekend everyone, and thanks, as ever, for your support.
Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone
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Sunday, April 08, 2007

April / May 2007 Programme Schedules

Hello and Easter Greetings to the Zone fraternity !
Just for a change I thought I would crawl out and show myself, and bring you up to date on a few things.
Easter has been fun. A crazy mixture of chocolate and hyperactive children running around, then again couldn't that be any old weekend ? Poor Mrs Lloyd, putting up with all that, and then off I go again to 'those Zone people' as she calls us. 'Keeps me off the streets', as I always say. Our youngest, Milly, thought that just one easter egg wasn't quite enough. We put her right. She wasn't happy, but these things have to be done, right ?
Seb was more diplomatic, as he is the eldest and feels some moral responsibility (strange, as he is only 8).
So off I went, taking the short trip to AZ Towers, to work out the advance Programme Schedules, and to ensure the file transfers (happening Saturday, Sunday and Monday) between our main Studio PC and those in Poprad (RTI) and Harlingen (Radio Seagull/Waddenzee) were going smoothly - which they were.
Schedules abound ! They are all posted for you below. All times quoted, are in UK (London) time.
The Album Zone via RTI (, and Sky 0195)
Sat 14 April 21.00 Pixie !
Sun 15 April 20.00 Johnny Reece
Sat 21 April 21.00 Gil Legine
Sun 22 April 20.00 Johnny Reece
Sat 28 April 21.00 Rich Phoenix
Sun 29 April 20.00 Johnny Reece
Sat 5 May 21.00 Barry De Foyle
Sun 6 May 20.00 Johnny Reece
Sat 12 May 21.00 Andy Miles
Sun 13 May 20.00 Johnny Reece
Sat 19 May 21.00 Pixie !
Sun 20 May 20.00 Johnny Reece
As you may have surmised, Johnny's Show is every Sunday, and repeats run on Wednesdays, via Radio Seagull and Radio Waddenzee, who broadcast 6 hours - (3 AZ Shows back to back) - between 18.00 and 00.00.
Radio Seagull ( / Radio Waddenzee (1602AM), Wednesdays, 18.00 - 00.00 hrs.
Weds 11 April Richard Bismarck, Gil Legine, Johnny Reece
Weds 18 April Pixie !, Barry De Foyle, Johnny Reece
Weds 25 April Andy Miles, Pixie !, Johnny Reece
Weds 2 May Rich Phoenix, Richard Bismarck, Johnny Reece
Weds 9 May Barry De Foyle, Rich Phoenix, Johnny Reece
More to follow of course, as we will have more brand new programmes in May, from Cupcake, and Richard Bismarck. We like to be able to keep you up to date, and plan upfront.
To the Pod, and this will be updated over the Easter Weekend.
On Pod 1 (URL listed at the top of this page), we have brand new programmes from Johnny Reece, Pixie, and Andy Miles, which sit alongside our most recent shows from Richard Bismarck, and Gil Legine.
Check them out !
All that remains is to say thanks, as ever, for your support - we would not be here, without our listeners.
Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone
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Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter To All !...

Oohh yes... give me that chocolate egg, if you please...
How are you, Zoneheads ?
Putting the Easter Holiday to good use, I do hope. For most, it's 4 days off, and whilst some of you visit relatives, or have jetted away for a sneaky weekend in foreign climes, don't forget us lot, here at AZ Towers.
Working out Schedules, updating, uploading, recording editing... and chomping chocolate eggs.
Hey, we're allowed !
We know you're busy - won't keep you, just to quickly tell you of the AZ Programmes this weekend, if you please, which consist of Barry De Foyle on Saturday evening, 21.00hrs, via RTI, and Johnny Reece at 20.00hrs, also RTI. For both, it's UK time, the URL is Oh, and Sky 0195 too, if you have that service - so many Europeans do nowadays, so we hear.
And here's an extra for you, worth remembering, this - if at any point there is a little technical hitch and you may not be receiving something, an excellent back-up is, a service which monitors Radio Stations from all over the world, and re-broadcasts them. Just type in their searchbox for 'Radio Tatrus International' (that's RTI, folks !) and you should find it. Either that, or Slovakia, and you'll get there.
Worth knowing !
Ok, as many are away, and may not see this particular update, we're going to hold on the rest of the April 2007 Schedules, until our next update.
Meanwhile, here's the playlists for this weekend, and we wish you a lovely Easter.
Barry De Foyle, 21.00hrs,, Saturday 7th April 2007 :

Pink Fairies - City Kids
Jellyfish - Joining A Fan Club
Shang Shang Typhoon - Karasu Kanemon Kanzaburo
Eddie Jobson / Zinc - Green Face
Inger Lorre - It Could Happen To You
David Gilmour (feat. David Bowie) - Arnold Layne (Live)
Amy Arena - Excuse Me
Alan Price Set - I Put A Spell On You
Starcastle - To The Fire Wind
Peter Baumann - Biking Up The Strand
The Beach Boys - Sail On, Sailor
Eno - I’ll Come Running
Tomoyasu Hotei - Battle Without Honor Or Humanity
Bela Fleck and The Flecktones - A Moment So Close
Blondie - A Shark In Jets Clothing
James Dean Bradfield - Emigre
Amazing Blondel - Sailing
Slade - Kill ‘Em At The Hot Club Tonight
Gong - The Pot Head Pixies
Arcade Fire - Intervention
Magazine - A Song From Under The Floorboards
Kevin Gilbert - Goodness Gracious (Thud Version)
David Vorhaus - Mainframe Blues
Bryan Ferry - Stone Woman
Be Bop Deluxe - Teenage Archangel
Cara Dillon - Green Grows The Laurel
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Delilah (BBC Live)
The Small Faces - Donkey Rides, A Penny ,A Glass
Heather Nova - London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do)
Johnny Reece Show, 20.00hrs,, Sunday 8th April 2007 :
The Beatles - Dig A Pony
Air - Electronic Performers
The Byrds - Everybody's Been Burned
Kate Bush - Experiment IV
The Kinks - Low Budget ('Live')
Tom Waits - Barber Shop
Atomic Rooster - Devils Answer
Leonard Cohen - Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye
Roxy Music - The Bob (Medley)
10.CC - I Wanna Rule The World
Lisahall - Secret
Sadistic Mika Band - Picnic Boogie
White Stripes - Look Me Over Closely (John Peel Show)
Cockney Rebel - Sweet Dreams / Psychomodo
O.M.D. - Souvenir
Ramones - Do You Remember Rock n' Roll Radio ?
T.Rex - Lean Woman Blues
Emiliana Torrini - Thinking Out Loud
Eric Burdon - When I Was Young
John Lennon - Oh My Love
David Bowie - Life On Mars ?
Chuck Berry - Oh Baby Doll
Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy
The Tubes - What Do You Want From Life
John Cooper Clarke - I Musn't Go Down To The Sea Again
The Latecomers - Martha's Nightlight
The Chordettes - Mister Sandman
That's it Zoneheads, Pod changes afoot, which we'll let you know about on the next update, with many brand new programmes about to be uploaded.
Thanks, as ever, for your support.
Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone
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