Saturday, May 08, 2010

What's on the Menu tonight ? A walk with Satie, a Monster from Outer Space, some Grey Lagoons, 3 Cigarettes in an Ashtray, the Worst Joke Ever, a visit from both Mr Raffles and a Charming Man, and Toast and Marmalade for Tea. All are welcome ! Midnight tonight (UK time) via, and www.bonditunes,com.
Pull up a chair, pour that glass, and join me.

Johnny x

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Latest Schedules !

Show times :
Sats 12 Midnight / are repeated Mon 20.00
Suns 19.00 / are repeated Thur 02.00
Tues 21.00 / are repeated Fri 02.00

NB : Specialist Jazz Show with Barry de Foyle, Tuesdays,
fortnightly at 21.00, as from Tue 27th April 2010.

Sat 17 April / Mon 19 Johnny Reece
Sun 18 / Thur 22 Gil Legine
Tue 20 / Fri 23 Andy Miles
Sat 24 / Mon 26 Johnny Reece
Sun 25 / Thur 29 Richard Bismarck
Tue 27 / Fri 30 Barry de Foyle (Jazz 1)
Sat 1st May / Mon 3 Johnny Reece
Sun 2 / Thur 6 Simon G
Tue 4 / Fri 7 Barry de Foyle
Sat 8 / Mon 10 Johnny Reece
Sun 9 / Thur 13 Rich Phoenix
Tue 11 / Fri 14 Barry de Foyle (Jazz 2)
Sat 15 / Mon 17 Johnny Reece
Sun 16 / Thur 20 tba
Tue 18 / Fri 21 tba
Sat 22 / Mon 24 Johnny Reece
Sun 23 / Thur 27 tba
Tue 25 / Fri 28 Barry de Foyle (Jazz 3)
Sat 29 / Mon 31 Johnny Reece
Sun 30 / Thur 3rd June tba
Tue 1st June / Fri 4 tba

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blogs, Boos, Tea, and Scheds

Hi all,
it's a cornucopia (ooh !) of information for you this time round.
Where to start, where to start ? It's all about AZ Shows, Schedules, Audioboos...

Ok, let's begin with the Audioboo. It's new to me, and something I was asked to do recently, by oft-radio-colleague Eric Wiltsher. Ah, but hang's a talky thing !
Well, I'm not used to that, but soon got into the swing of it, and before I knew it, my allotted 30 minutes were done, and, as they say, dusted.
I ramble on about Music and Vinyl (no surprises there eh ?) and will do more of the same, and touch on many other subjects too, no doubt, in the future.
By all means give it a listen - particularly if you're a fan of the 'Lost Art' of Album Covers, and musical history in general.
Where to find it ? Easy ! Here's the direct link, and then just press 'Play'...

On to The Album Zone now, and a quick update on Programme Schedules for you.
As some may know (but I'll remind you anyway), we are on globally via Replay Radio ( and Bondi ( too, from good ol' sunny, surfy, Bondi Beach, in Australia.
As ever, we can also be heard on WCRV 97.7, in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania (Fridays and Sundays), and also Hesser College Radio in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA (Saturdays).

Here's the latest AZ Schedules - all times listed are UK time :

The Album Zone

Programme Schedules : March / April 2010

Show times : (All UK timezones quoted)
Sats 12 Midnight / are repeated Mon 20.00
Suns 19.00 / are repeated Thur 02.00
Tues 21.00 / are repeated Fri 02.00


Sat 20th March / Mon 22nd Johnny Reece
Sun 21st / Thur 25th Rich Phoenix
**Tue 23rd / Fri 26th Johnny Reece (rpt from 6 & 8 Mar) **
Sat 27th / Mon 29th Johnny Reece
**Sun 28 / Thur 1st Apr Barry de Foyle (rpt from 9 & 12 Mar) **
Tue 30 / Fri 2nd Apr tba
Sat 3rd Apr / Mon 5th Johnny Reece
Sun 4 / Thur 8th tba
**Tue 6 / Fri 9th Andy Miles (rpt from 7 and 11 Mar) *

More to follow !

I want to mention 2 people/companies, who are essential to us here at The Album Zone, and keep us going with their wonderful support, towards our massive gigabytes of broadband bills (transferring programmes all over the world can be a time consuming and costly process !) and do please check them out at some point - oh, and you can grab yourself a damn good bargain at the same time !

Firstly, our regular supporters at Thatstore, many thanks to Fawn and the gang for their constant and fabulous support. Check them out !, at
Absolute bargains books, and fast, efficient service too. Go for it !

New to the land of AZ, and showing his support too, is Norm from Golden Jewelers, do pay him a visit - you can find his excellent online storefront, at
Buy something shiny !

Want to say Hi ? You can do so, by contacting us at

Cheers !

Johnny and the Gang, at The Album Zone

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturdays Album Zone...

There are things vying for your ears attention tonight. For starters, there's Five Feet Of Lovin', a visit from Mr Bassman, a touch of Les Annees Erotique, and A Really Good Time. All this, with Tea and Aero, via Midnight ! (Uk time)

Johnny x

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Latest AZ Schedules !

Hi all,
has it been a while ? I think it has.
Many changes afoot in recent weeks, and we felt the time was right to make them.

Here we are now, on Replay Radio, a total of 7 (yes, seven !) times per week - which consists of 3 brand new Album Zone shows for each 7 day period, with a few repeats thrown in to make it easier for others around the world to still catch us, in differing timezones.

The details ?
Well, is the place to be, for our main AZ outlet.
The shows go like this (UK timezone quoted here) :

Saturdays at Midnight (repeated Mons at 20.00 and Weds at 08.00)
Sundays at 19.00 (repeated Thurs at 02.00)
Tuesdays at 21.00 (repeated Fris at 02.00)

With those AZ Show Times listed above, this means we are now heard around the world on the Net, 7 days a week.

Don't forget ! - our good friends at WCRV (97.7 in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania) air us locally too, on Fridays and Sundays at 18.00 EST. If you're in the area, say hi !

There are some other Programme relays to tell you about, which we'll do in the next Bulletin.

Meanwhile, below, is the current AZ Programme Schedule, via Replay Radio.
All AZ Shows are 2 hours duration.
Drop in and say Hi anytime ! Our email address is :


Sat 27th Feb, Johnny Reece, 12 Midnight (repeated Mon 1st March at 20.00)
Sun 28th Feb, Barry de Foyle, 19.00 (repeated Thurs 4th March at 02.00)
Tues 2nd March, Simon G, 21.00 (repeated Fri 5th at 02.00)
Sat 6th March, Johnny Reece, 12 Midnight (repeated Mon 8th at 20.00)
Sun 7th March, Andy Miles, 19.00 (repeated Thurs 11th at 02.00)

more to follow...


Keep it AZ !

Johnny x

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Album Zone on Replay Radio

Hi all,
some new Programme info :

As from Sunday, Feb 7th, additional Album Zone programmes can be heard, worldwide, via

Tune in to The Album Zone at :

Saturdays at Midnight (UK time) : The Johnny Reece Show (repeated Mondays 20.00 and Wednesdays 08.00)
Sundays at 19.00 hours (UK time) : The Album Zone (repeated Thursdays 02.00)
Tuesdays at 21.00 hours (UK time) : The Album Zone (repeated Fridays at 02.00)

This gives The Album Zone an airtime presence, worldwide, via our good friends at Replay Radio, 7 days a week.

Johnny x