Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mr Biz on the Pod... and a Travelogue...

Thursday to Monday, it was. A time of chaotic, yet enjoyable travel. All to do with work, very little of it 'radio-based' this time, no, this was to do with what I jokingly call a 'real' job. Belgium was to be the first stop, and, after a bit of confusion with cross channel ferries with cancellations, on the road we went, through the northern tip of France, sharp right at Ostend in Belgium, and down to a delightful village in the middle of nowhere, south of Brussels, called Lessines. A great little town. Only a couple of hours there, but time enough, I'm glad to say, for a lightning quick visit afterwards to De Panne, a favourite haunt of many an AZ person, back in the days of our weekends away to Radio 6. I was shocked how quiet it seemed, approaching the high season.
To Friday, and Germany, and a small town called Lubeck, to be precise. Again, a very nice little town, 'the town of 7 spires' as I was told. Boat trips too, along to Travemunde, which is a superb little resort.
Across the water, was the 'former East', in the shape of a beautiful village called Priwall.
I even found a former guard hut hidden away on the beach, and decided to rename it 'Checkpoint Johnny'.
Well, I had to, didn't I ? Some images from that distant past were visible, if you looked hard enough, for the days when the country was split in two.
Further along, a former munitions factory left a spooky presence on the landscape on the riverbank, now lying derelict and empty. Fascinating sight.
The town of Kiel followed for the next days travel, where a major 'Sea Festival' was on, boats and ships of all makes, types and sizes in evidence, and a party atmosphere all along the quayside was evident too.
Just a block away, the Titanic exhibition, including artifacts and relics from the famous Ship, and a completely recreated Grand Staircase too. It was a nautical day, for sure.
Back to the UK, tired but happy, on Monday morning.
What's that ? Album Zone ? Oh yes, just to tell you too, that Richard Bismarck has returned to our Pod airwaves, as of today. All new AZ Shows are available, as a little present to your ears.
Our Pod :
We'll speak again, at the weekend, with the playlists for the forthcoming AZ Shows on Saturday and Sunday.
Johnny Reece, for The Album Zone.