Saturday, September 23, 2006

Johnny Reece taken ill in Slovakia

Hello to you all - Steve Lloyd reporting this time.

Not great news, as we report that Johnny Reece has been taken ill whilst in Slovakia.
Yes, for those that know the history - you guessed it - Sinusitis - although this time it is really quite severe. It was 'hinting' at an attack the last few days, but was kept at bay.
That was, until yesterday. Quite how Johnny managed to do the 'smooch' Show on Friday night is really anyone's guess.
There was going to be an extra 'Live' Show from Johnny tonight, Saturday, but that had to be shelved, as was the trip to Poland he was looking forward to so much.
We wish him well.
Tomorrow, Sunday, he is due to be a VIP guest at the next home match of the local football team, FK Poprad, at 15.00 hours local time.
Obviously, we're unsure whether he'll make that or not.
Let's hope so.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery !
I'm sure he would appreciate any messages - to

Meanwhile, this does throw the remaining special 'Live Album Zone' shows into some jeopardy.
This really is a case of wait and see, I'm afraid.
If he feels a measly 1% better, I'm pretty sure he will drag himself in front of that mixer and put those headphones on, if he is allowed to do so.

The schedule, if it goes ahead, will be the usual Sunday time - 20.00 UK 21.00 CET, for 2 hours.

Then, an extra 4 hour special is planned for Monday, 20.00 UK, 21.00 CET.

A quick goodbye on Tuesday evening, 1 hour only, 20.00 UK, 21.00 CET, before he is scheduled to return to the UK on Wednesday.

If we can, we'll keep you posted - but always best to tune to at the above times (or to Sky 0195) and you'll hear for yourself, if he's made it there. Let's hope so.
Any extra news we get, I will post here.

Get well soon Guv'nor !

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone
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