Thursday, February 23, 2006

New Shows, New Features, up and coming...

Hello Zoners, a few new Programmes up and around to tell you about, and some upcoming features too.
Firstly, new shows from Rich Phoenix, Andy Miles, Richard Bismarck, and Johnny Reece are gracing our various playlists on air this week. Every one of the aforementioned can be heard at various times via our 24/7 service, at These sit alongside current programming from Nick Saloman, Zoe Street, and James Barclay. Seems like we have a full house !
Up and coming though - another newie from Nick, who will be dropping in to the AZ Studios once again, on Friday March 3rd, to pass to us his own unique brand of psychedelic programming.

Is she back ? News reaches us of a possible return to the AZ airwaves of Debbie Saloman (pictured above).
Debbie did a splendid debut programme for the Zone some months back, but since then has been very busy in her acting career, and there simply has been no time for her to arrange a return visit. Debbie hopes to return to the Zone within the next fortnight. Watch this space !

As for new features mentioned before, and other articles we wish to be published here on the AZ blog, these will be everything ranging from our favourite Links, to tales of our renegade past on board the good ship Radio Caroline, to our broadcasts over several years at Radio 6 in France. All of these are up and coming. A Radio 6 feature may well have to be split into several parts - after all, we broadcast special programmes there for over 8 years, so we do have a few tales to tell, and pictures to publish. Be afraid !

Look out too, for a feature on our current partners in broadcasting, RTI.
As you will know, the Johnny Reece show airs every Wednesday night via this service, and a separate Album Zone programme is also aired each Saturday evening. Both directly via Not only are these worldwide on the Net, but RTI now have many AM and FM transmitters dotted around central europe - so it's good to see that AZ is certainly getting known in so many new quarters. Add to that the upcoming new Satellite Broadcasts from RTI, and AZ is just about everywhere, thanks to our Slovakian friends.
A special feature on RTI will feature here soon...

In the meantime, keep Zoning ! And if you want to say Hi, contact us at

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