Saturday, July 26, 2008

Soirees and Shorts

Hi all,
welcome to the weekend, and it's back to AZ duties for a few of us, after doing that boring old thing called 'real jobs and real life' for a week. How nice it is to escape that !
The 'Live' experiment at Radio Seagull seems to very popular, and I have no doubt that we at AZ Towers will sit down sometime in the future and try to thrash out a few calendar dates to enable at least some of us to broadcast 'live' from the Netherlands. It really is about time we nipped over to visit them again, particularly as they now have a fabulous lightship in the harbour to broadcast from, and not the land based studios we were used to on previous occasions.
Our own plane re Broadcasting via various outlets in various countries are taking shape, although we do stress that it is September before we really put this into action.
The Radio world can be very, very quiet during the summer months, and we are all too aware of this. So, it's plans just now, and action later.
Lovely and warm here at AZ Towers, mid to late 80s on the old fashioned temperature scale, although it feels much warmer, and unpleasantly muggy. That's the thing about huge towns. Now, the mid 80s at a seaside resort would be much more refreshing.
Where's my bucket and spade ? And don't take photos of us in shorts, if you please.
It's time I gave you the remaining Playlists of recent brand new AZ Shows - all now happily sitting on our Pod, ready for your ears to take advantage.
So, I fill in the missing gaps for you below, with Johnny Reece's 'A to Z Soiree' from last week, followed by the superb newie from Richard Bismarck.
Incidentally, the new Reecey Soiree will be ready tomorrow evening, Sunday, once again first to be heard, via our own Pod.
For those that follow our Broadcasts via Radio Seagull, it's Johnny Reece, Andy Miles, and Barry De Foyle for you this coming week.
So, it's Playlists a go-go, and I wish you all a great week !
Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone

Johnny Reece's A to Z Soiree, 20th July 2008 :
A - Aerosmith - Living On The Edge
B - Blur - Song 2
C - The Chi-Lites - (Gor God's Sake) Give More Power To The People
D - The Dukes Of Stratosphear - You're My Drug
E - Louis Eliot - She Is Moving On
f - Focus - Sylvia
G - Peter Gabriel - No Self Control
H - Terry Hall - Beautiful People
I - Isley Brothers - Harvest For The World
J - Eddie Jobson - Theme Of Secrets
K - Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way
L - The Lovin' Spoonful - She Is Still A Mystery
M - Joni Mitchell - Furry Sings The Blues
N - Harry Nilsson - Mr. Richland's Favourite Song
O - John Otway - Body Talk
P - Procul Harum - Homburg
Q - Sidney Joe Qualls - The Next Time I Fall In Love
R - David Lee Roth - Sensible Shoes
S - Frank Sinatra - One For My Baby
T - The Tornados - THe Ice Cream Man
U - Urban Species - Listen
V - Frankie Valli - The Night
W - The Who - Love Ain't For Keeping
X - XTC - I'd Like That
Y - Neil Young And Crazy Horse - Days That Used To Be
Z - Frank Zappa - Baby Snakes
The Richard Bismarck Show : July 2008 :
Neat Neat Neat - The Damned
Sweet Jane - Velvet Underground
So Ben Mi Ca Bon Tempo - Richard Thompson
It Could Be So Sweet - Portishead
You're The Storm - The Cardigans
Off The Hook - CSS
How Do You Sleep? - John Lennon
Thanks For The Love - Earth and Fire
TieDye - Nancy Fancy
Sex Is Not The Enemy - Garbage
Aristocracy - Caravan
This Voice - Ane Brun
Alison - Elvis Costello
What I Say And What I Mean - The Like
Moonchild - Rory Gallagher
Because They're Young - Duane Eddy
Searching For The Spark - Steve Hillage
Uncle Jonny - The Killers
Hug You Like A Mountain - Eliza Carthy
The Moss - Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson
You've Been Flirting Again - Björk (Flirt Is A Promise Mix)
Where The Wild Roses Grow - Kylie Minogue & Nick Cave
Johnny B Goode - Peter Tosh
Black Steel - Tricky
There Is Only This Time - Dandy Warhols
Walking In Your Shoes - Lisa Hall
Watford Gap - Roy Harper
Where Have All The Good Times Gone - The Kinks
Crystaline Green - Goldfrapp
De-Luxe - Lush

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