Thursday, August 31, 2006

Busy days.... and changes afoot...

Hey Zoneheads, what's been happening ?
Apologies for the few days absence - a few days away from AZ Towers on other projects has been the name of the game. So, what's up and coming ? Well, a few changes afoot, I feel. Firstly, we are but a couple of weeks away from a new Presenter making his debut on the Zone, one Barry De Foyle.
Furthermore, two more new recruits are being considered - nothing decided yet - one guy, one girl, and we'll see how all that works out over the next week or so. Updating not only the Music, but the Personnel too, is all important in the Zone World. Watch this space for further details.
As for the Pod, that will change this coming weekend too, with not only new AZ Programmes, but a range of 'Vintage' for your delectation too. You know where to find it...

This weekend ?
Well, I'll be back with you for 2 days of Playlists.
On Saturday I will appear magically here, to let you know the playlist of that nights Katrine Show, her 3rd for The Album Zone.
And, on Sunday, I will furnish you with the full playlist of that nights Johnny Reece Show.
Oh, and I may just give you some gossip. Maybe. Maybe not.

Thanks, as ever, for your support.

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