Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Update

Hi all,
had a good week ?
A few snippets for you on the AZ and Radio Seagull front.
Firstly, congratulations to Seagull for now officially being 24/7, both on 1602 AM around the northern Netherlands, but worldwide via the Net too. That all fell into place in the past week.
As you know, The Album Zone can be heard via Seagull, 6 times per week (Mondays to Wednesdays, 20.00 CET, and repeated Fridays to Sundays, 03.00 CET).
Seagull are reaching out in other ways too, with the updates beginning to happen on their MySpace page. It has never really been built upon before, but work on the Site began in the past week, and in forthcoming months, an extended gallery and more news on the formation of the Station, will be published. Check it out !, and if you are a MySpacer, by all means add them as a friend, and you'll find them at :
They really are a great Station - hey, we're biased !

Our AZ Programmes continue too, twice a week, via our good friends at WCRV, in Pennsylvania, Lake Ariel, 97.7 FM.
This weekend, Barry De Foyle is being heard for the first time, along with the most recent 'Reecey and Zoe' co-hosted Programme, the third in the series.
Next week, should see the debut of Richard Bismarck, to the WCRV airwaves.
We'll publish those schedules, and Seagull schedules, too, right here, first.
Incidentally, for more information on Seagull, check out their Site, at

This coming week, the AZ Programmes on Seagull look like this, via :

11 and 15 Aug : Johnny Reece (from 13 July)
12 and 16 Aug : Richard Bismarck - NEW Show
13 and 17 Aug : Johnny Reece - NEW Show

On Tuesday, expect Mr Bismarck to entertain you with the likes of The Killers, Ane Brun, Goldfrapp, Roy Harper, and more...
On Wednesday, Mr Reece rightly claims a world exclusive, as he plays 2 tracls from the forthcoming Emiliana Torrini Album 'Me And Armini', not due out until Septeber 2008, along with newies from Cyndi Lauper, and seldom heard gems from Curved Air, Steve Harley, and much more. So, you know where to be - www.radioseagull,com, at 20.00 hours, on Tuesday and Wednesday, ok ? If you're out in the States, the repeats at 03.00 CET later in the week may be more handy for you. Your choice !

Thanks for reading, and have a great week everyone,

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone