Friday, October 24, 2008

Bonsoir Mes Amis

Bonsoir !
Just how long is it since I have been around the hallowed ground of AZ Towers ?
Quite a while, I will admit, but I am back tonight, to tell you of what's new, old, blue, and borrowed. Or something.
I have been away, back, away, back again, and others in the AZ biosphere have had everything ranging from annual vacations to sneaky little French trips.
As soon as my back is turned, off they go !
I look forward, very much, to hear the travel tales of Mr Bismarck, expected soon.
As for Mr Reece, I am sure you may hear the odd Parisian tale on his new programme, which will burst into your ears next week, should you wish. Much post Parisian chat, I feel.
Great too, to have Simon G back with us, after a long absence. Simon's new programme will be airing via Radio Seagull, week after next, early November, although those lucky enough to be around the Lake Ariel region in Pennsylvania, can hear it this weekend.
Up and coming in forthcoming weeks too, a new opus from Rich Phoenix, and another solo gem from Zoe. Add to this, a new Barry de Foyle programme is due next week, too.
Whew, that's enough, don't you think ? No ?
Well, here is next weeks line-up then, via Radio Seagull, and as ever, it's 8pm UK time, via, from Monday, through Wednesday.
Expect your ears rocked out on Monday, with the help of Andy Miles.
On Tuesday, it's a repeat of the ever popular 'joint soiree' with Reecey and Zoe.
Wednesday comes, and it's the post Parisian Johnny Reece.
Now, if that doesn't keep you going, I am not sure what will !
I wish you all a great weekend, and thanks, as ever, for your support.

Steve, reporting from an uncannily tidy AZ Towers...