Sunday, March 29, 2009

Promotions and Birthdays

A quick weekend Hello, and a Congrats in order for our own man in NJ, Rich Phoenix.
We're talking bigtime promotion at work here. Nice one !
Not only that, but a birthday to come this week (21 ? 31?, we can't say).
Add to this, the Big Guy's brand new AZ Show is broadcast on Tuesday. Don't miss it, via Radio Seagull, at, Tuesday, at 21.00 CET (or 20.00 UK, 15.00 EST).

It's repeated at 21.00 EST on Friday evening, and 03.00 CET and 02.00 UK on Friday morning.
Also coming up, the brand new Simon G Show, on Monday, at 21.00 CET...

Once we reach late May and early June, our programme times will change considerably for approximately 3 weeks, due to other 'Live' Broadcasts eminating from the Seagull Ship - but that's a few weeks away, and we'll let you know all about those at the time...

More Sched details to follow soon !

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's been a while hasn't it ?

Whoops ! A month has passed. And there was I , thinking I'd been keeping all things up to date and shipshape, with Myspace Bulletins about programming. But no, I'd forgotten the cherished ol' Blogspot. So here we are ! I thought as it has been a while, I should meander a little, tell you what's been going on, and to finish, provide you with a good month or so of upfront AZ Schedules. Fair enough ?

Work has kept me fairly busy of late, with a stranger working pattern than usual, weekends included, but I have always found time for the Album Zone. If I could choose 'highlights' of the past few weeks (I shouldn't, but I will) they would have to be Richard Bismarck's 'round the world' musical show, the Rich Phoenix 'greatest hits' show, and Johnny Reece's B Sides special.
I am not always the biggest fan of features, but when they encompass a whole 2 hour programme it can be a fascinating experience, not to mention a personal one for the presenter him/herself, which is a feeling I think comes through when the show is aired, and that's what makes them even more of a pleasure to hear - the personal touch.
I am told there are more 'specials' to come in weeks ahead too, from just about all of the AZ crew. I look forward to it !
In days to come, the clock ticks by and I get another year older. I don't feel it though, so maybe I'm doing the right thing. I said 'maybe'.

On to the matter in hand, and here goes with the AZ Schedules for March and April 2009.
I will explain - 2 'dates' are featured below for each show, the first is the 20.00 hrs (UK time) slot, the second being the 02.00 hrs (again, UK) slot, 4 days later. If any show is a repeat playing, it is labelled as such. We only play repeats on weekdays that the particular show has not been aired previously. Sounds very efficient to me !
To be truthful, it's a mixture of Scots-Dutch efficiency, and all via our good friends at Radio Seagull, in the Netherlands. As ever, via

Have a lovely weekend everyone, all the Schedules are below for you.
Thanks, as ever, for your support. You know where we are...


The Album Zone : Programme Schedules March/April 2009, via Radio Seagull :

23 and 27 March : Andy Miles (NEW)
24 and 28 March : Zoe (rpt)
25 and 29 March : Johnny Reece (NEW)
30 March and 1 April : Simon G (NEW)
31 March and 4 April : Rich Phoenix (NEW)
1 and 5 April : Johnny Reece (NEW)
6 and 10 April : Gil Legine (NEW)
7 and 11 April : Andy Miles (rpt)
8 and 12 April : Johnny Reece (NEW)
13 and 17 April : Zoe (NEW)
14 and 18 April : Simon G (rpt)
15 and 19 April : Johnny Reece (NEW)
20 and 24 April : Rich Phoenix (rpt)
21 and 25 April : Gil Legine (rpt)
22 and 26 April : Johnny Reece (NEW)
27 April and 1 May : (TBA)
28 April and 2 May : Zoe (rpt)
29 April and 3 May : Johnny Reece (NEW)