Friday, March 20, 2009

It's been a while hasn't it ?

Whoops ! A month has passed. And there was I , thinking I'd been keeping all things up to date and shipshape, with Myspace Bulletins about programming. But no, I'd forgotten the cherished ol' Blogspot. So here we are ! I thought as it has been a while, I should meander a little, tell you what's been going on, and to finish, provide you with a good month or so of upfront AZ Schedules. Fair enough ?

Work has kept me fairly busy of late, with a stranger working pattern than usual, weekends included, but I have always found time for the Album Zone. If I could choose 'highlights' of the past few weeks (I shouldn't, but I will) they would have to be Richard Bismarck's 'round the world' musical show, the Rich Phoenix 'greatest hits' show, and Johnny Reece's B Sides special.
I am not always the biggest fan of features, but when they encompass a whole 2 hour programme it can be a fascinating experience, not to mention a personal one for the presenter him/herself, which is a feeling I think comes through when the show is aired, and that's what makes them even more of a pleasure to hear - the personal touch.
I am told there are more 'specials' to come in weeks ahead too, from just about all of the AZ crew. I look forward to it !
In days to come, the clock ticks by and I get another year older. I don't feel it though, so maybe I'm doing the right thing. I said 'maybe'.

On to the matter in hand, and here goes with the AZ Schedules for March and April 2009.
I will explain - 2 'dates' are featured below for each show, the first is the 20.00 hrs (UK time) slot, the second being the 02.00 hrs (again, UK) slot, 4 days later. If any show is a repeat playing, it is labelled as such. We only play repeats on weekdays that the particular show has not been aired previously. Sounds very efficient to me !
To be truthful, it's a mixture of Scots-Dutch efficiency, and all via our good friends at Radio Seagull, in the Netherlands. As ever, via

Have a lovely weekend everyone, all the Schedules are below for you.
Thanks, as ever, for your support. You know where we are...


The Album Zone : Programme Schedules March/April 2009, via Radio Seagull :

23 and 27 March : Andy Miles (NEW)
24 and 28 March : Zoe (rpt)
25 and 29 March : Johnny Reece (NEW)
30 March and 1 April : Simon G (NEW)
31 March and 4 April : Rich Phoenix (NEW)
1 and 5 April : Johnny Reece (NEW)
6 and 10 April : Gil Legine (NEW)
7 and 11 April : Andy Miles (rpt)
8 and 12 April : Johnny Reece (NEW)
13 and 17 April : Zoe (NEW)
14 and 18 April : Simon G (rpt)
15 and 19 April : Johnny Reece (NEW)
20 and 24 April : Rich Phoenix (rpt)
21 and 25 April : Gil Legine (rpt)
22 and 26 April : Johnny Reece (NEW)
27 April and 1 May : (TBA)
28 April and 2 May : Zoe (rpt)
29 April and 3 May : Johnny Reece (NEW)