Monday, December 24, 2007

Vintage Xmas Frenzy

Hi all, Merry Merry, and all that.
Firstly - let me tell you of an amazing website I found earlier - and if you have kids, you'll love this. It is
It tracks Santa around the world, in real time, and by clicking on the red arrows on the 'map', you'll see video of where he's just been, in the past few hours. It's fantastic !
Actually, I said it was for kids - it's not really, because I love it too. Unless... oh.
I am hoping you'll see this in time, as in just a few hours time, the bearded wonder's job is nearly all done.
On to the matter in hand, and just to make your Xmas even better / worse / more average (delete whichever is the more sober), I have to inform you that by Xmas morning here, 25th December, there will be 10 Hours (yes, that's TEN WHOLE HOURS) of 'Vintage Christmasses Past' on our Pod, courtesy of The Album Zone.
Alongside all our current Album Zone Programmes, will be the following :
AZ Xmas 1999 - Johnny Reece and James Barclay, 1 hour.
AZ New Years Day 2000 - Johnny Reece and James Barclay, 1 hour.
AZ Xmas 2002 - Johnny Reece and Gil Legine - 1 hour.
AZ Xmas 2003 - Johnny and Gil's 'Hideous Xmas Creation', 3hours, in 3 x 1 hour parts.
AZ Xmas 2004 - Johnny Reece, James Barclay, Richard Bismarck, 2 hours, in 2 x 1 hour parts.
AZ Xmas 2004 - George Barclay and Arthur Reece (yes, The Grandads get a chance to go on air and play their favourite songs from the War Years. We'll never live it down). 1 Hour.
AZ Xmas 2004 - The Brigadier's Xmas Special (just as bad as the above). 1 Hour.
And finally - a few seldom heard 'Album Zone Out-takes (10 minutes approx).
You'll find our Pod at :
That should keep you going. We'll leave the Vintage on, until around New Year.
You have been warned !
Merry Xmas everybody.

Steve x