Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bugs !

Hi all,
there is some flu-ish throaty temperature sneezy downright nasty bugs hanging around AZ Towers at the moment, so I have sneaked in to tell you who is on and when, and shall beat a hasty quick retreat.
If I see any around though, I'll give them a good swat, ok ?
This weekend, our friends at WCRV air Gil Legine, and Johnny Reece.
Our friends at Hesser also air AZ, today, Saturday, at Noon EST (5pm Uk time). They can be reached at Thanks guys !
Spare a thought for our buddies at Radio Seagull, suffering, yesterday, what has happened to us on a couple of previous occasions. That is, a complete hard drive failure. These things are not pretty, a damn nuisance, and play complete havoc with any sort of Programming plans. They are trying to get sorted before the end of the weekend, so, good luck guys !
If they succeed, AZ for next week, via Seagull, should read like this : (All times CET) :
Monday 21.00 and Friday 03.00 : Simon G
Tuesday 21.00 and Saturday 03.00 : Richard Bismarck
Wednesday 21.00 and Sunday 03.00 : Johnny Reece
The following week via Seagull , expect newies from Zoe, and the Gilster...
You will also be able to hear the newie from Johnny Reece (ermm, in pre-sneeze mode btw) on Monday, via, and Sky 0195, at 21,00 hours (UK time).
Should the swatting, and, to be frank, deserved annihilation of the bugs be a success, we expect to have both Johnny Reece and Zoe present here at AZ Towers on Monday next, to record the next in their series of joint soirees... which will be aired the following week !
Oh, and we expect a newie from Barry De Foyle anyday too...
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to flee !
Have a great weekend all,


Friday, September 19, 2008

Into the weekend...

Hello again Zoners,
has it been a good week ?
It's been a busy one here at AZ Towers, doing all sorts of allegedly complicated things with Studio parts, whilst all still went along as normal. Well, as normal as it can be here !
As ever, Johnny was recording shows, and last Tuesday, Zoe returned, her first visit here since her Iceland trip. Add to this, that the new Gil Legine opus has arrived, after a few months break.
Plenty to be getting along with !
Pride of place this coming week, schedule wise, seems to be split amongst 3 people, as it turns out. Earlier today, Johnny Reece was aired on WCRV 97.7 in Pennsylvania, and on Sunday, they will air the brand new Zoe Paranoimia Show - it's first airing, anywhere.
Johnny also appears on Hesser College Radio, on Saturday (Noon EST) via This will be his show before last, from 11th September.
Into next week, and we are aired by Radio Seagull ( and yes, you know the times by now don't you ?
Mon, Tue, Wed, at 21.00 CET, and respectively, it will be Richard Bismarck, Zoe (August Show), and then the brand new Johnny Reece Show, on Wednesday.
Repeats of these run at 03.00 CET on Fri, Sat, Sun...
RTI will also air Johnny's new Show, on Monday evening, on Sky 0195 and globally via, at 22.00 CET.
We hope to expand our worldwide outlets shortly. Watch this space !
Ah, I hear you ask, when will we hear the newies from Zoe, and Gil ?
Well, via Radio Seagull is the answer, with first airings of the new Zoe Show on the 6th and 10th October, whilst The Gilster is around on 7th and 11th October.
In both cases, worth the wait, I assure you !
Oh, and these will be repeated too, approximately a fortnight later. At the end of this month, I will be publishing the full October Album Zone Schedules, right here.
So, do tune in when you can please, and don't be afraid to say Hi !, whoever, and wherever, you are. Our broadcasting reach does seem to be stretching far and wide (should that be further and wide ?) and that's just how we like it.
Have a fine weekend everyone, and thanks, as ever, for your support.
Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Schedules and Pop Quizzes

Greetings Zoners !

Time to tell you of AZ Programmes around the globe, coming up (oh, and what's just been on too)... Our good friends at WCRV (97.7, Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania) aired the brand new Richard Bismarck Show on Friday evening. This is the last Mr Biz one for a few weeks, as it's holiday time for him. Expect travel tales on his return !

Today, Saturday, Hesser College Radio in Manchester, New Hampshire, aired the latest Andy Miles Show. They broadcast on 540 AM locally, and on the Net, at
AZ is aired there on Saturdays, at Noon, EST.

Sunday sees WCRV back in the frame, as the new Johnny Reece Show is aired.

The Scotsmans newie can also be heard globally on Monday evening, at 21.00 UK time, on Sky Satellite, Channel 0195, and via the Net, at, simultaneously.

Then, it's the turn of Radio Seagull, from the Netherlands ( to get in on the act, with 6 airings of The Album Zone through next week.
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, at 20.00 UK time, you can hear Rich Phoenix, Reecey and Zoe, and Johnny Reece, respectively. These will be repeated at 03.00 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Our next visitor here to AZ Towers will be the delectable and punklicious Ms Z, here on Tuesday for the next show. We also expect, by the end of September, to hear the return of Gil Legine.
Add all that up, and you have no excuses to miss the Zone, have you ?

News through late yesterday, that Johnny Reece has been invited back as a previous winner, to once again appear on the TV Show 'Mike Reads Pop Quiz', sometime in October. Nice !
He claims that as he wore a Roxy Music T-shirt for his last appearance, that he's thinking of wearing an AZ one next time.
I should think so !

Have a great weekend, and thanks, as ever, for your support.

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone

Friday, September 05, 2008

Into September...

Hi all,
into September we go, and it's time to tell you what's going to be stamping its feet and looking for the attention of your ears. Certainly not my singing voice, which was, unfortunately for those attending, present and incorrect at a very out of hand birthday party at work.
I usually refuse point blank to get involved in any such displays of alleged entertainment, but the brandy decided otherwise.
I will never live it down...
Needless to say, my rendition of 'One For My Baby' will not be, as they say, a chartbound sound.

On to the matters in hand, and this weekends AZ Schedules.
Let's kick off with Radio Seagull, and Monday through Wednesday, at 22.00 CET each night, you can hear the new AZ Shows from Zoe, Barry de Foyle, and Johnny Reece, respectively.
As regulars will know, these shows are also repeated on Seagull at 03.00 CET, on Friday through Sunday. All these programmes can be accessed via

WCRV in Pennsylvania, 97.7, air AZ twice per week, at 18.00 EST. Friday (today), will be the brand new opus from Rich Phoenix, and on Sunday, it's Johnny Reece.

Our new friends at Hesser College Radio (540 AM and also streamed on the net via will be airing the Johnny Reece show from 24 August, at 12.00 EST, tomorrow, Saturday.

Rumours abound too, that Johnny Reece will also be heard via RTI. Worth checking out, on the Net via, and on Sky 0195, Monday at 22.00 CET (21.00 UK).

Up and coming later this month, will be newies from Richard Bismarck, and Andy Miles.
Returning from Iceland shortly, we also expect Zoe to rush in here to AZ Towers, to tell of her musical travels. Later in the month, we will also have the return of Simon G to the AZ airwaves.

For those who like to catch up on the recent as yet unpublished Playlists of AZ Shows, these will be published via our Blog on our MySpace page, today, Friday.

Have a great weekend everyone, and go easy on the brandy.
I will.

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone

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Monday, September 01, 2008

What's on this week ?

Hi All !
Just squeezing in this short note, just in time to tell you what's on, AZ wise, for this coming week.
Playlists to follow, I promise !

Radio Seagull air The Album Zone six times per week, and on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 21.00 CET (that's 20.00 UK time) you will hear Rich Phoenix, Andy Miles, and Johnny Reece, respectively, on those days.
These AZ Shows are repeated Friday. Saturday, and Sunday, at 03.00 CET.
Radio Seagull can be reached at :
We are just awaiting news on which AZ Shows that WCRV will air this week, on Saturday, in Pennsylvania - we'll confirm to you when we know, although we suspect it will be the newies from Rich Phoenix, and Johnny Reece, on Friday and Sunday respectively, at 18.00 EST.
WCRV can be reached locally, on 97.7 FM.

Our new arrangement with Hesser College Radio has begun, and they are based in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. They broadcast on 540 AM, and are also streamed via the Net at :
Hesser play The Album Zone at 12.00 local time (17.00 UK) every Saturday.
The first AZ aired there on Saturday, was the newest show by Zoe.
Later this week, I'll let you know their upcoming Schedule.

Back midweek !

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone