Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Filling In The Gaps

Ouch !
Has it really been 11 days since this was updated ? Hmm, it seems so.
Mr Lloyd, the usual bringer of all news AZ, is on a short break, so it's myself, Mr Reece, with the job of filling in the gaps, since October 6th.
Studio wise, it has been interesting.
A 'new' Studio PC in situ, has now been used on a few occasions, for a test run. It's not as simple as that, as we did have to keep referring back to the old one too. There are many things to be transferred from one to another, and believe me, that is not as simple as it sounds. But, we're nearly there.
In fact, about 80% there, I would say.
Ah, the rickety plinth - that's another story.
The plinth which holds everything here, by 'everything' I mean PCs, Printer, Scanner, Mixer, Minidisc Banks, Minidisc Players, CD Players etc etc is a little shaky. It is all being redesigned, recut, remade and remodelled, and part of the early stages of this was to have some of the supports cut away. That's made it interesting.
Don't lean too hard on it !!!
It's all fun - many changes afoot, but they do take time. We want to do it properly.
Nice to see Cupcake again - she breezed in to AZ Towers to lay down some recording, last weekend.
Expect to hear the dulcet tones of Cupcake in your ears within the next week, when we will upload the first of her new Programmes to our Pod. Thereafter, the show will be aired on Radio Seagull (twice), then RTI/Sky.
It's time I updated you with playlists too, ahead of upcoming Schedules.
Firstly, here is the Gil Legine playlist from last Saturday (currently on the Pod), followed by my playlist for the Johnny Reece Show from last Sunday.
Here goes :
Gil Legine Show :
Morrissey - The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
Weather Report - Procession
Ivor Cutler - I Got No Common Sense
Alice Cooper - Be My Lover
Radiohead - Let Down
Modest Mouse - Dashboard
Tori Amos - Bouncing Off Clouds
Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells Prt 1 (extract)
Kraftwerk - The Model
The White Stripes - 300mph Torrential Outpour Blues
Hawkwind - Born To Go
Q.O.T.S.A. - Turnin' On The Screw
Frank Zappa - Tinseltown Rebellion
Jethro Tull - Cross-Eyed Mary
Interpol - Pioneer To The Falls
Kashmir - She's Made Of Chalk
Peter Gabriel - I Grieve
Rush - Cygnus X-1
Björk - Earth Intruders
Johnny Reece Show :
Elvis Costello and The Attractions - Room With No Number
Iggy Pop - Fall In Love With Me
Lee Hazlewood and Bela B. - The First Song Of The Day
Lee Hazlewood and Phaedra - Some Velvet Morning
The Beatles - Taxman
Matthew Sweet - Super Baby
Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band - I'm Glad
Lisahall - Julianne
Chris Spedding - Guitar Jamboree
Judy Clay and William Bell - Private Number
Frederick Knight - I've Been Lonely For So long
Neil Young - Needle And The Damage Done (Unplugged)
The Zombies - Care Of Cell 44
Le Tigre - TKO
April March - Sugar
Roxy Music - A Song For Europe
Syl Johnson - Is It Because I'm Black
Dave Davies - Funny Face
Talk Talk - Life's What You Make It
Gary Numan - My Breathing
Curved Air - World
They Might Be Giants - Birdhouse In Your Soul
Auteurs - Showgirl
World Party - It Can Be Beautiful
T.Rex - Electric Slim and The Factory Hen
Dip feat. Emiliana Torrini - Come Out
Beck - Guess I'm Doing Fine
Leonard Cohen - Chelsea Hotel No.2
The Explorers - You Go Up In Smoke
Steve will be back at the weekend, with news of Programmes via RTI/Sky on Saturday and Sunday, which feature Pixie !, and Johnny Reece, respectively.
Then, Monday to Wednesday, Radio Seagull will feature AZ Programmes from Johnny Reece, Barry De Foyle, and Pixie !
All the details to come, on Saturday.
Have a great week, everyone.
Johnny x