Saturday, March 01, 2008

Northern Ireland, Scotland... and France ?

Hi all,
a rather gallic feel to the weekend here at AZ Towers.
I breezed in here this morning (quite literally, do you know how windy London is today ?) to jot down the odd blog or two on this weekends events.
Programme-wise, Northern Ireland and Scotland are where the roots lie, as firstly Barry De Foyle will be in your ears (hey, he likes that) tonight, Saturday, at 9pm, via
Oh, and Sky 0195 too, if you let him.
What delights will he have for you ? Well, to give the odd clue, let's namedrop Mick Ronson, Sugar, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Can, and Ian Dury, to name just a few.
Be there !
And if you miss it (hey, no excuse really) you can catch up with it on our Pod, and the link for that is below.
In fact, catch ANY Album Zone programme on our Pod, 24/7.
Into Sunday, and it's a Scots takeover, as Johnny Reece will be there, in his usual Sunday evening slot. Once again,, and Sky 0195.
Oh, and it's 8pm this time, if you please.
Expect aural delights (he insisted I write that) from Patrick Fitzgerald, Ria Bartok, Barry Adamson, String Driven Thing, Goldfrapp, The Raveonettes, and more.
This particular soiree will appear on our Pod, at approx 10pm on Sunday evening.
Hang on, where does the 'France' portion come into this, as mentioned above ?
Ah, it's a little AZ night out tonight, to the newly sparkling and renovated Roundhouse in Camden Town, to see the rather marvellous Jane Birkin, in Concert.
Something tells me there will be much chat about this, in future shows.
Oh, and let's not forget our good friends in the Netherlands, the ever efficient Radio Seagull, who air Album Zone Programmes, 6 times per week.
Monday through Wednesday (6pm each time), and these are repeated Friday through Sunday (2 am each time) - the night time shows are also aired through Tenerife 105 FM.
The main outlet for these, as ever, is
Next week, respectively, you'll hear Richard Bismarck, then Andy Miles, then Johnny Reece.
Wishing you all a great weekend, and thanks, as ever, for your support.
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