Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pixie On The Pod !!!

Hello Zoneheads,
the not-so-infamous Mr Lloyd here, looking after things at AZ Towers whilst the slightly-more-infamous Mr Reece is away until the weekend working on other musical projects.
So, what's the latest ?

It's all about our Pixie - and our sweet Swede's latest opus, her 7th Show for The Album Zone, now sits happily on our Pod, for playing, downloading, whatever you prefer ! This is her brand new Show for January 2007.

It's at :, and will remain there for the next 3 to 4 weeks.

Also on the Pod is her previous Show, from December 2006, and a whole host of Programmes from our other band of AZ troublemakers.
And for extra info - do check out our MySpace page, at :

Back at the weekend - with gossip and nonsense, and the Playlists for the forthcoming weekends Album Zone Programmes, from Barry De Foyle (Saturday) and Johnny Reece (Sunday).
No throwing snowballs !

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone

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