Saturday, October 03, 2009

Autumnal meanderings

Greetings Zoners,
and Autumn Hi's (highs ?).
Time for a little update on what we have for your ears, as we head into October.

One thought was troubling me - where are the Welsh ? I mean, here we are, this coming week, with the Scots, English, and Irish all represented on the Zone. Funnily enough, none of them are currently residing in their countries of birth. The Scotsman is in England, The Irish Girl also, and the Englishman is in Denmark. Are we all runaways ?
That would explain so much.

No matter, on to the shows in hand, which kick off tonight as Johnny Reece settles in to the chair at midnight (gallons of tea by his side, naturally) for 2 hours, globally, via Replay Radio.
Where to go ?
Ah,, just click right there ! Midnight, UK time tonight, Saturday.
If you are silly enough (sleepy enough, drunk enough, etc etc) to miss the proceedings at midnight tonight, it's repeated there, Monday night at 20.00 hours.
All times mentioned are UK. If you're somewhere else, get a fancy world clock !

Now on to our good friends in the Netherlands, and we speak, of course, of Radio Seagull.
Let's kick off with the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday proceedings.
All brand new shows for you on Seagull this week, too !

20.00 hours is the time, UK, each evening, via

Monday : Gil Legine is back, with his usual varied selection of Album goodies. Be there !
Tuesday : Lady Samantha has her second outing on the Zone. Settling in slowly but nicely.
Wednesday : Johnny Reece, with his Wednesday soiree...

So, you have all the details, no excuses, ok ?

Up and coming in forthcoming weeks, newies in production from Simon G, Rich Phoenix, and Barry de Foyle. Oh, and everyone else, if truth be told.
Rumours too, of a quick return, should time allow, from our Punkbaby, Zoe.
Ms Z has been so busy of late with her authoress career, but hankers after the odd Zone time, let me tell you. We had a discussion on this, at her place just the other day, whilst sipping tea and scoffing jellybabies.
This is what we do.

Looking further ahead, more 'themed' shows on the go, too.
One such spooky epic will be a Halloween flavoured soiree at the end of October, featuring our resident Scotsman. But there are many themes to explore, many themes to come.

Meanwhile, we'd like to take the opportunity of thanking Thatstore for continued support and sponsorship. They can be located at :

It only remains for me to say, enjoy the weekend, and keep it AZ !

J x

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Hi Zoners,
just a quick note to say that tonight, is the first airing of the 'Woodstock Special' hosted by Rich Phoenix, a special programme to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the event.
Don't miss it !
It is available worldwide, at 20.00 UK time, via
Turn on, tune in, drop out !

J at AZ

Monday, August 31, 2009

Into September we bound...

Hi Zoners.
one of those long holiday weekends here in the UK. But have we lazed ? No no !
Just time to tell you of the Album Zone programmes ready for your ears this coming week, via Radio Seagull (

Tonight, Monday, it's a repeat of the Barry de Foyle 'Piano Special'. Missed it the first time ? Well, catch it tonight ! It's there for your delectation, at 8pm UK time, via

Tomorrow, we bound into September, and a brand new programme, and brand new presenter for you, as Lady Samantha takes to the airwaves. Say hi to her ! As ever, it's a 8pm, via Radio Seagull. Then, on Wednesday, Johnny Reece returns to his usual timeslot.

Later this week, an extra Album Zone programme begins, as our resident Scotsman presents 'Johnny Reece's Album Zone' via replayradio, at
Saturday night at Midnight is the time, repeated the following Monday at 8. But oh, we'll remind you of that at the weekend, naturally !

Have a great week everyone...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New week, new shows, new station !

Hello all,
an update with all this weeks happenings !

Firstly, this week on AZ via Radio Seagull, at

Monday sees Gil Legine in the chair once again, and Simon G pops back on Tuesday, with another brand new show. Then on Wednesday, it's Johnny Reece.

All these programmes are available via Radio Seagull, and, if you miss the 8pm UK timeslot on the days above, remember these programmes are repeated, Friday through Sunday respectively, at 2am.
So, no excuses !

A busy time for Johnny is coming up, as we are happy to tell you that he will also be broadcasting a new weekly show on Replay Radio ( from the first week of September 2009.
The exact Schedule has yet to be confirmed, but it does look like Midnight on Saturday nights, repeated on Monday evenings 9pm to 11pm (UK time).

The programme will be called 'Johnny Reece's Album Zone'.

Up and coming in forthcoming weeks, will be the 'Woodstock Special' from Rich Phoenix, to mark the 40th Anniversary of the event, the debut show from Lady Samantha, and a 'Bolan Special' from Johnny Reece, in mid September.

Keep Zoning !

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The week ahead on AZ...

Greetings Zoners,
a little update for you on the week ahead on AZ, for 17th to 23rd August 2009.

As ever, you'll hear us on air Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, at 20.00 hours (UK time) each evening, via Radio Seagull - at
This week, Richard Bismarck kicks off proceedings on the Monday, then Barry De Foyle graces us with his latest themed opus on Tuesday, a 'Piano Special'. Don't miss it ! Our 'man from the Foyle' is just getting into his stride with his themed shows, so do give him a listen.
Back in his usual spot on Wednesdays, it's another brand new programme from Johnny Reece.
What's Johnny got for us this week ? 'Not telling you', he said. Ah, well.

The following week sees more newies up and coming, from our man in Copenhagen, the irrepressible and frankly outrageously tall Gil Legine, and the Derbyshire Bard, Mr. Simon G.

Looking further ahead, the 'Woodstock Special' to mark the Anniversary, is now in production, hosted by our very own Rich Phoenix.
All these, and more, will be in your ears soon.
We are hoping to have the Punklicious Zoe back at some point too, but oh, she's a busy girl.
Gigs, Books, you name it, she's there ! You'll see Zoe pictured above at one of her recent book signings. Got her book yet ? Why not ? Get it !
'Typical Girls ?', The Story Of The Slits, by Zoe Street Howe, is available now. Recommended !

As for other AZ programmes dotting around the globe, don't forget that the Radio Seagull shows Monday through Wednesday are repeated, Friday through Sunday respectively, at 02.00am too, particularly for our Stateside and Canadian friends, as that'll be evening time for them.
See, we think of you too !
Add to this, our shows are aired every weekend, by WCRV in Lake Ariel Pennsylvania, and Hesser College Radio in Manchester, New Hampshire. Thanks guys !

Possible chat, gossip, rumours and suchlike of 2 possible new Presenters hitting the Zone airwaves, come September, continue to float around.
If that comes to pass, we'll let you know. Be patient !

As ever, thanks to all of you for your support.

J at AZ

Sunday, August 09, 2009

This weeks AZ...

Hi Zoneheads,
how is your summer ?
Blistering hot days interrupted by thundery rain here, but this is England, after all.
We wouldn't have it any other way.

Is it a case of 'all change' at AZ Towers HQ ? As September approaches, it does begin to look like AZ Towers will be making the 'official' move, from London to Norfolk.
Come to think of it, a great deal of the work is already being done there.
Lots of travel back and forth recently, taking much more time as it should, due to various train strikes, meaning stops in Norwich for several hours at a time. Nice city !

On to this week, and here are the Album Zone programmes being aired via Radio Seagull, as ever, Monday to Wednesday, at 8pm UK time (with repeats, respectively, on Friday to Sunday, 2am each time), via

Be there !

Monday, it's Simon G in the chair. Tuesday, it's our man in Copenhagen, Gil Legine.
Then, on Wednesday, it's a brand new programme from Johnny Reece.

Up and coming in the next few weeks, is a 'Woodstock Special' from Rich Phoenix, to mark the anniversary. A couple of weeks delay on that one, but it will be worth waiting for.
Barry de Foyle returns the following week too, with a 'Piano Special'.
Ah, vicious rumours abound too, of a new Presenter for AZ, in September.
Watch this space !

Have a great week everyone, and thanks for your support.

Johnny at AZ

Web :
Blog :
Email :

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Unmanned, occasionally, but still here !

What a funny old week, Zoners.

For most of the week, AZ Towers has been somewhat unmanned, until last Friday, when all hell was let loose with a flurry of activity, Blogs, Bulletins, Programmes, Editing, which will continue right through until Tuesday, when we are seaside bound again.
This back and forth lifestyle really is rather strange !

No matter, we have achieved a lot this weekend, with another host of new AZ Shows ready for your ears. Many have already been transferred to Radio Seagull, and ready for our friends at WCRV and Hesser to take, too.

Ah, but who ? When ? Where ?

It is about time you had an AZ Programme Schedule, so here it is for you below.

As ever, these are the Radio Seagull times listed, with 2 dates mentioned beside each Presenter.
First date - is 8pm UK time, and the 2nd date - is 2am Uk time.
Simple as that !

The place to be ? Well, it's

Here goes ! :

20 and 24 July : Barry de Foyle
21 and 25 July : Richard Bismarck
22 and 26 July : Johnny Reece
27 and 31 July : Gil Legine
28 July and 1 Aug : Barry de Foyle
29 July and 2 Aug : Johnny Reece
3 and 7 Aug : Andy Miles
4 and 8 Aug : Gil Legine
5 and 9 Aug : Johnny Reece
10 and 14 Aug : Simon G
11 and 15 Aug : Gil Legine
12 and 16 Aug : Johnny Reece
17 and 21 Aug : Rich Phoenix (Woodstock Special)
18 and 22 Aug : (tba)
19 and 23 Aug : Johnny Reece
24 and 28 Aug : Gil Legine
25 and 29 Aug : Simon G
26 and 30 Aug : Johnny Reece

That's all folks !


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Punklicious Books and Delicious Shows

Hi all,
and a thundery yet sunny welcome (does that make sense ?).
A quick update on all things AZ, and on to this weeks brand new Shows, first of all.

Andy Miles takes the chair on Tuesday, 8pm UK time via Radio Seagull, and Johnny Reece is around with a brand new Programme too, same time on Wednesday.
As ever, it's, your place of choice !

Don't forget ! - we are also aired on Friday to Sunday via Seagull, at 2am (UK time), and Hesser College Radio (New Hampshire USA) and WCRV (Pennsylvania USA) air us too., at weekends.
All details on our MySpace :

On to Punklicious matters, and our very own Zoe has been busy as you know, and her excellent book on The Slits has now hit the shops.
In the London area this week ? Well, why not grab yourself a copy and go and say Hi ?

Zoe will be booksigning, along with Viv Albertine and Tessa Pollitt, at Fopp in Covent Garden, 6pm, Monday 13th July, and also at Rough Trade East on Tuesday 14th, at 7pm.
Be there !

Looking ahead to August Programmes, our man in NJ, Rich Phoenix, has a 'special' in mind, as the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock will be upon us.
Air dates for this Programme will be given to you in plenty of time, so you don't miss it !

Thanks, as ever, for your support - back next week with more news of brand new AZ Shows for the following week... and what's this rumour about 2 new Presenters ?...


Monday, July 06, 2009

Hi all,
our run of brand new AZ Shows for July 2009, kicks off this very evening !
Tonight, at 8pm (20.00 hours) UK time, tune in and hear the newie by our very own Richard Bismarck ! As ever, all shows are around the world via
Be there !
On Tuesday evening at 8, it's Simon G, and Wednesday, it's Johnny Reece.
Ears at the ready - musical delights are promised...
J at AZ

Monday, May 04, 2009

Playlist Updates, and all at sea...

Hi all,
high time for an update !

First off, we have more than a few playlists to catch up on. Recent AZ Shows have been particularly fascinating, a definite more 'personal' edge to many, with personal 'Gigographies' (from Simon G, and 2 from Johnny Reece) together with 'Greatest Hits' of certain AZ Presenters (and more to come !) and you're delving deep into our psyches, aren't you ?
They've clearly been great fun to do, and there are still many more to come. You know where we are, so don't miss them !

AZ Towers has been in 2 locations in recent times, no mean feat, keeping it running between London, and the Norfolk Coast. Fun and sun though, so who's complaining ?

Radio Seagull sails out to sea later this month, for a 3 week stint on the ocean wave, meaning many AZ Programme times will change for those weeks, as there will be 'live' Programmes broadcast from the ship instead, by DJs on board. We'll let you know the changes nearer the time, but for the most part, AZ will be at 01.00 or 03.00 CET for almost all nights. We'll have our 21.00 CET spot back after the 3 weeks are up.

Good luck to all at Seagull, and I hope everyone has a great time out there. Time and work, unfortunately, simply doesn't allow an AZ 'Live' presence there at this particular time.

Ok, here goes - some recent playlists !



April 2009 - The SimonG Gigography

Cream - White Room
David Bowie - Be My Wife (live)
Blur - I Know
Lenny Kravitz - I Build This Garden For Us
Del Amitri - When I Want You (live)
Power Of Dreams - 100 Ways To Kill A Love
The Cure - Just Like Heaven (live)
Bryan Ferry - A Wasteland/Windwept (live)
Pulp - Babies (live)
Led Zeppelin - What Is And What Should Never Be (live)
Jason Falkner - She Goes To Bed
Elliott Smith - Independence Day
Wonder Stuff - Ruby Horse (live)
Roxy Music - Mother Of Pearl (live)
Marmalade Sun - Ball And Chain
Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend
Jane Weaver - The Heart That Buckled You
Badly Drawn Boy - Sha La La (live)
Doves - Here It Comes (live)
Paul McCartney - All My Loving (live)
Richard Hawley - The Devil In Disguise (live)
Magazine - My Tulpa (live)
Posies - Grant Hart (live)


Johnny Reece -Two Of A Kind', March 2009

Led Zeppelin - Friends
Arrival - Friends
Van Morrison - She's My Baby
Travelling Wilburys - She's My Baby
Badfinger - Baby Blue
Emiliana Torrini - Baby Blue
Garbage - Stupid Girl
Rolling Stones - Stupid Girl
Matthew Sweet - Day For Night
Bryan Ferry - Day For Night
Simple Minds - All The Things She Said
T.A.T.U. - All The Things She Said
David Bowie - Absolute Beginners
The Jam - Absolute Beginners
Jeferson Airplane - Somebody To Love
Queen - Somebody To Love
The Beatles - Girl
T.Rex - Girl
Bob Dylan - I Want You
The Troggs - I Want You
Roxy Music - All I Want Is You
Crackle - All I Want Is You
REM - Drive
The Cars - Drive
Gary Numan - Miracles
Jefferson Starship - Miracles


Johnny Reece - 'Girls Names In Music' - March 2009

Blondie - Maria
Pink Floyd - See Emily Play
Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane
The Cure - Charlotte Sometimes
T.Rex - Mad Donna
Serge Gainsbourg - Ballade de Melody Nelson
Beach Boys - Lady Lynda
Boomtown Rats - Mary Of The 4th Form
The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby
ELO - Oh No Not Susan
Leonard Cohen - So Long, Marianne
Simon And Garfunkel - Cecilia
Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Delilah
Kaleidoscope - Jenny Artichoke
Four Tops - Walk Away Renee
John Brasfield - Meg White Reminds Me Of A Friend
Bryan Ferry - Goodnight Irene
America - Daisy Jane
Prince - Darling Nicki
Cockney Rebel - Judy Teen
Matthews Southern Comfort - For Melanie
Elvis Costello And The Attractions - Alison
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Loraine
Johns Children - Sarah Crazy Child
Anthony Phillips - Lucy Will


Rich Phoenix Show - March 2009

1 The Thrills - Big Sur (So Much For The City, 2003)
2 The Beatles - You're Going To Lose That Girl
3 The Pentagons - To Be Loved
4 Genesis - That's All
5 The Herd - From The Underworld
6 Thunderclap Newman - Something In The Air
7 Juicy Lucy - Who Do You Love
8 Rolling Stones - Yesterdays Papers
9 Curved Air - Back Street Luv
10 McGuinness Flint - When I'm Dead And Gone (early Gallager and Lyle)
11 Cream - Deserted Cities Of The Heart
12 Blodwyn Pig - Sing Me A Song That I Know
13 Rod Stewart - Maggie May
14 Renaissance - Northern Lights
15 Muddy Waters - Just To Be With You
16 The Byrds - Artificial Energy (Notorious Byrd Brothers, 1968)
17 REM - It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
18 The Yardbirds - Still I'm Sad
19 John Lee Hooker - The Healer (feat. Carlos Santana on guitar)
20 Tony Joe White - Good In Blues (Closer To The Edge, 1991)
21 The Bop Chords - Castle In The Sky
22 Be Bop Deluxe - Ships In The Night
23 The Kinks - Everybody's Gonna Be Happy
24 Bo Diddley - Dearest Darling
25 Bryan Ferry - Simple Twist Of Fate (Dylanesque, 2007)
26 America - Don't Cross The River
27 Fleetwood Mac - Big Love
28 ELO - Mr Radio
29 The Cars - Since You're Gone
30 Manfred Manns Earth Band - Joybringer
31 Matthews Southern Comfort - Woodstock


Richard Bismarck Show - April 2009

Get Up, Stand Up - Bob marley & The Wailers
Heard It All Before - Emiliana Torrini
Married With Kids - Patrick Duff
Blind Man - Curved Air
All My Dreams On Hold - Flunk
Evie - I'm Losing You - Stevie Wright
Cosmik Debris - Frank Zappa
The New Bali Ha'i - Morris Quinlan Experience
The Night - Lene Lovich
Oh Happy Day - Edwin Hawkins Singers
Hotel Motel - Ezio
Didn't Feel Lonely Until I Thought Of You - Kevin Ayres
Real Man - Todd Rundgren
The Charleston - The Abzone Players
Paris, Texas - Ry Cooder
Cinamon Girl - Neil Young
Hunting Song - Pentangle
The Masked Poet - Grimms
Venus - Television
Supply An Demand - Hives
Comment Te Dire Adieu - Fran├žiose Hardy
Silence - Portishead
Weird Friendless Kid - Emiliana Torrini
Song For A Future Generation - B-52s
No Exit - Bert Jansch & John Renbourn
Carol - Al Stewart
Qui De Nous Deux - M
Evolution Rag - Incredible String Band
Beaver O'Lindy - Sparks


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Promotions and Birthdays

A quick weekend Hello, and a Congrats in order for our own man in NJ, Rich Phoenix.
We're talking bigtime promotion at work here. Nice one !
Not only that, but a birthday to come this week (21 ? 31?, we can't say).
Add to this, the Big Guy's brand new AZ Show is broadcast on Tuesday. Don't miss it, via Radio Seagull, at, Tuesday, at 21.00 CET (or 20.00 UK, 15.00 EST).

It's repeated at 21.00 EST on Friday evening, and 03.00 CET and 02.00 UK on Friday morning.
Also coming up, the brand new Simon G Show, on Monday, at 21.00 CET...

Once we reach late May and early June, our programme times will change considerably for approximately 3 weeks, due to other 'Live' Broadcasts eminating from the Seagull Ship - but that's a few weeks away, and we'll let you know all about those at the time...

More Sched details to follow soon !

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's been a while hasn't it ?

Whoops ! A month has passed. And there was I , thinking I'd been keeping all things up to date and shipshape, with Myspace Bulletins about programming. But no, I'd forgotten the cherished ol' Blogspot. So here we are ! I thought as it has been a while, I should meander a little, tell you what's been going on, and to finish, provide you with a good month or so of upfront AZ Schedules. Fair enough ?

Work has kept me fairly busy of late, with a stranger working pattern than usual, weekends included, but I have always found time for the Album Zone. If I could choose 'highlights' of the past few weeks (I shouldn't, but I will) they would have to be Richard Bismarck's 'round the world' musical show, the Rich Phoenix 'greatest hits' show, and Johnny Reece's B Sides special.
I am not always the biggest fan of features, but when they encompass a whole 2 hour programme it can be a fascinating experience, not to mention a personal one for the presenter him/herself, which is a feeling I think comes through when the show is aired, and that's what makes them even more of a pleasure to hear - the personal touch.
I am told there are more 'specials' to come in weeks ahead too, from just about all of the AZ crew. I look forward to it !
In days to come, the clock ticks by and I get another year older. I don't feel it though, so maybe I'm doing the right thing. I said 'maybe'.

On to the matter in hand, and here goes with the AZ Schedules for March and April 2009.
I will explain - 2 'dates' are featured below for each show, the first is the 20.00 hrs (UK time) slot, the second being the 02.00 hrs (again, UK) slot, 4 days later. If any show is a repeat playing, it is labelled as such. We only play repeats on weekdays that the particular show has not been aired previously. Sounds very efficient to me !
To be truthful, it's a mixture of Scots-Dutch efficiency, and all via our good friends at Radio Seagull, in the Netherlands. As ever, via

Have a lovely weekend everyone, all the Schedules are below for you.
Thanks, as ever, for your support. You know where we are...


The Album Zone : Programme Schedules March/April 2009, via Radio Seagull :

23 and 27 March : Andy Miles (NEW)
24 and 28 March : Zoe (rpt)
25 and 29 March : Johnny Reece (NEW)
30 March and 1 April : Simon G (NEW)
31 March and 4 April : Rich Phoenix (NEW)
1 and 5 April : Johnny Reece (NEW)
6 and 10 April : Gil Legine (NEW)
7 and 11 April : Andy Miles (rpt)
8 and 12 April : Johnny Reece (NEW)
13 and 17 April : Zoe (NEW)
14 and 18 April : Simon G (rpt)
15 and 19 April : Johnny Reece (NEW)
20 and 24 April : Rich Phoenix (rpt)
21 and 25 April : Gil Legine (rpt)
22 and 26 April : Johnny Reece (NEW)
27 April and 1 May : (TBA)
28 April and 2 May : Zoe (rpt)
29 April and 3 May : Johnny Reece (NEW)


Monday, February 16, 2009

In your ears this week...

Hi Zoneheads,
Spring has sprung. Well, maybe. I even had a coffee out in an open air cafe today and suddenly thought 'woah !, I'd better tell the Zoners what's on this week' ! So, here I am.
I have been loving the more 'personal' edge to a lot of the recent AZ output, with the leaning towards a kind of faves - of - all - time type vibe. This will continue, so I'm told, as Gil Legine and Andy Miles have had hints dropped in their direction, on this. The odd 'Guilty Pleasures' show may rise too, courtesy of Johnny and Zoe.

But, to this week, and tonight, Monday, at 20.00 UK (and repeated at 21.00 EST on Thursday) it is the turn of Rich Phoenix to guide us with his own musical wisdom, on not only what makes him tick, but what made him tick from the very start.
As you know, is the place to be.

Tuesday, same time same place, with the repeat on Friday, it's Richard Bismarck's latest opus. Again, not to be missed. And that's an order.

Wednesday, and in his usual spot, with a repeat on Saturday, it's Johnny Reece.
So, you have all the info now !

As this is a repeat airing of the Rich Phoenix 'Greatest Hits' tonight, we'll publish the playlist for you below. Fascinating it is too, and very surprising in places !

Thanks, as ever, for your support, and have a fine week.



Rich Phoenix : His Greatest Hits...

1. Wynonie Harris - Good Rockin Tonight
2. England Dan and John Ford Coley - I'd Really Love To See You Tonight
3. Chambers Brothers - I Can't Turn You Loose
4. Aretha Franklin - Ain't No Way
5. Art Blakey - Tell It Like It Is
6. Beatles - Dr Robert
7. Ten Years After - Love Like A Man
8. Glenn Miller - In The Mood
9. Ketty Lester - Love Letters
10. Paul McCartney - Maybe I'm Amazed
11. Mocedades - Eres Tu
12. Beatles - Leave My Kitten Alone
13. Dusty Springfield - The Look Of Love
14. John Lennon - Power To the People
15. Hurricane Smith - Don't Let It Die
16. Moody Blues - The Story In Your Eyes
17. Cozy Cole - Topsy II
18. Beatles - Golden Slumbers medley
19. Fountains Of Wayne - Stacey's Mom
20. Linda Laurie - Ambrose pt 5
21. Gene Pitney - Town Without Pity
22. Tennessee Ernie Ford - 16 Tons
23. Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder
24. Isaac Hayes - The Look Of Love


Monday, February 02, 2009

All new, all white

It'll be all white on the night, or something. Somewhat snowbound at AZ Towers, but no matter, we have a warm studio to cuddle up with (sounds strange, but it's great !) and we have an all new menu for you this week, from The Album Zone.

Three nights in a row. all brand new Programmes. Don't miss them !
All at 20.00 hours UK (21.00 CET) via
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

Tonight, Monday, it's the return of the punklicious Zoe to the airwaves.
Tuesday, Rich Phoenix tells us of the greatest hits... of his life !
Wednesday, Johnny Reece returns with his Soiree...

Tune in if you can.
Oh, and if you build snowmen, send us pictures of them !

Steve Lloyd, PR, The Album Zone

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Into a New Year...

Yes I know, I'm late late late... but Happy New Year anyway !

For 2009, I wish you all that you wish yourselves (well, nearly).
I know I'm biased, but the range of Album Zone Programmes recently has been excellent. A few 'specials' here and there, and may I say, not 'planned' as such, but last minute ideas coming to the fore. Firstly, we had Simon G doing his 'best of 2008' special - not only from the year itself, but many vintage pieces he had discovered in the last year, musical gems from years gone by.
It was fascinating to listen to.
Then our own Richard Bismarck popped up with a truly worldwide spectacular. Every track from a different country, I think he squeezed 30 of them into 2 hours in the end.
Next up, Rich Phoenix, and a special which is coming your way within the next fortnight.
We felt it was about time Rich did a truly personal show, his 'Greatest Hits' if you excuse the expression, songs that meant so much to him from growing up times, his experiences on USA Radio in the 60s and 70s, and right up to today. Some real surprises in there too, I've had a sneak preview.
In the planning stages now, are some shows featuring 'Guilty Pleasures', which both Johnny Reece and Zoe are working on. Expect the unexpected !

Incidentally, in case you missed it, the Richard Bismarck 'Worldwide' show, is repeated this Tuesday, 27th January, at 8pm (UK time) via Radio Seagull ( Then the last play will be 30th January, same place, at 21.oo hours, EST. Tune in if you can !

The next Johnny Reece Show follows on Wednesday, 28th, also via Seagull. As ever, expect the unexpected !
Now, to Rich's show. First airing via Seagull is Tuesday 3rd Febriuary, week after next, at 8pm UK time. This is repeated on 6th February at 21.00 EST. Be there ! There will be another opportunity to hear Rich's show late in February, too.

The punklicious Zoe breezed back into AZ Towers just the other day, and you can hear her new opus a week on Monday, 2nd February, at 8pm. I'll give you all the full Programme Schedules by next weekend, including news of newies up and coming from Andy Miles, and Gil Legine.

Now to the rather unhappy news that another Radio Station bites the dust, and that's RTI.
They cease programming at 11pm UK time tonight, Sunday, via Regulars to AZ will already know all about RTI, through The Album Zone. This is news that didn't come as too much of a surprise for us, after hearing of the closure of their FM outlets. The reasons behind it all we can only guess, but we do know large slices of broadcasting red tape are involved, and we presume the financial implications of that naturally followed. The English service via their FM outlets was first to go, after being on/off for a while, but the biggest shock to us, was hearing of the loss of the FM service to their local, loyal listeners. That had been going for many years, 10 ?, 20 ?, I'm not sure. Now they have no Radio Station they can truly call 'local', and that's perhaps the saddest thing, together with the fact that the people that I had heard all about, and the people that Johnny Reece met and had the pleasure of receiving great hospitality from, all suddenly seem to be out of work.
The closure of their own local service was a real surprise, and it became clear that much writing was already on the wall. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all their former staff well. I have heard much about them.
The announcement, 48 hours ago, that the Sky Satellite outlet was to close too, came as no real surprise, following the news of the earlier FM closures.
We have had the odd, shall we say, 'run-in' with RTI in the past, over various programming issues, but it is a sad day when a Station closes - particularly when so may people local to the area are affected. We wish them well.

Finally, our thanks, as ever, to our friends at our various outlets, who continue to broadcast The Album Zone around the world, from various locations. Radio Seagull now airs AZ eight times per week worldwide via the Net, then Hesser College Radio in New Hampshire USA once on Saturdays via the net, and WCRV locally, twice a week, in Pennsylvania. Kudos and thanks to you all.

I'll be back next week with Schedule details of what AZ goodies are in store for you, in the forthcoming weeks.

Have a great week, and thanks, as ever, for your support.

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone

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