Thursday, April 03, 2008

Power failure at AZ Towers

Hi Zoneheads...
oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

This is a first.

A bulletin update from an internet cafe !

Complete and total power failure of the building housing AZ towers, a real burnout of the main power boxes.

Not a thing we can do, until later.

So, please excuse the lack of updates to Pods, and suchlike.

We should know later if this will just be a 24 hour thing, or (gulp) a lot longer. Until then, all PCs and the Main Studio itself, are down.

What a strange place a Radio Studio is, when it's silent !

Happily, all shows for this coming weekend (to RTI) and next week (to Radio Seagull) had already been transferred and lined up, just the day before.

Phew !

Hopefully, back soon... we'll keep you informed.