Tuesday, July 18, 2006

One minute at a time...

Ok, so here we are, a day and a bit onward from the great 'Album Zone Computer Crash 2006', as it will forever be known in certain circles. Well, on here anyway.
We are partly back - at least we are back online, and can update the Blog, and, as of a few minutes ago, we can update the Pod. Our thanks to RTI for giving us exclusive access to their files so we can get some of our Programmes back, for use not only on the Pod, but for the future for our other Broadcasting outlets.
Fortunately (and that's the only time that word will be used in this Blog) our own Johnny Reece had transferred his last show to RTI just before we had the meltdown, leaving RTI as the only ones who had a copy.
We've just had it transferred back, and it's now on the way to the Pod. Phew !
As for what we lost, ermm, about 600 mp3s of Music, 3 years of Pics, Files, Videos, Programs, oh, and 74 hours of Album Zone Programmes. Lots, lots, lots of personal stuff too.
Back-up ? Don't talk to me about back-up !
Currently though, we are not able to make any new Programmes, yet, although are hoping to change this within the next 24 hours or so. I dearly hope so, as Thursday is a busy one - Johnny Reece, Katrine, and Zoe Street are all booked in to AZ Towers to do the necessary, so, by hook or by crook (likely the latter) we simply have to find a way.
So, not a great few days all in all, particularly for Mr Reece, as so many things have been thrown up in the air for him in the past week that he reckons he's left some bad karma lying somewhere back in some distant time and it has decided that right now is the time for payback !!!
Programmes though, for the moment, continue as normal.
We'll keep you informed. There's 2 of us here burning the midnight oil...

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone