Sunday, September 17, 2006

So, is this the Johnny Reece World Tour or what ?

Hello all,
here is a quick update on the special 'Live' Album Zone programmes coming up this week, together with a few AZ schedule changes, because of these.
Much will be arranged at the last minute, or, in fact, once Johnny Reece gets to Poprad, but we do now have a basic outline of what is happening.

As ever, the Programmes are available worldwide via, and on Sky 0195.
Oh, and there's a 'Live Studio Webcam' on the RTI front page too.

On Wednesday, 20th September, Johnny will be a guest on the Eric Wiltsher Show, on RTI.
Erics show runs from 19.00 - 22.00 hrs (UK time), and no doubt Johnny will be around for most of the show.

The first 'Album Zone Live Special' will be on the evening of Thursday 21st September.
This will be a regular Album Zone Programme - "the usual nonsense", as Mr Reece says !!!
This is expected to begin at 22.00 hrs (UK time). If that changes - I'll let you know, on this Blog.

The second show is the next evening, Friday 21st September, and will be... wait for it... wait... wait...
'Johnny Reece's Soul Train'. Yes, really ! Smoochy Soul, indeed. Just for a change.
This is expected to begin at 22.00 hours (UK).

Saturday night - 23rd September - Johnny will have the night off.
He'll be partying in Poland ! The cheek of it !
An Album Zone Programme will be played though - the new Show from Richard Bismarck, his first since returning from his Norwegian jaunt. That will be aired at 21.00 (UK).

Johnny is back in the studio chair on Sunday evening, 24th September, for his regular Album Zone spot, though of course, 'Live' this time, and he'll be there at 20.00 hrs (UK).

Monday too, 25th September, looks like another 'Live' Zone.
Word is this may be an earlier 20.00 hrs (UK) start this time, but of course I'll let you know.
Keep an eye on this Blog !
As for Tuesday - there could be another - we're not sure yet.

But, how to get in touch directly with the Studio - these are 'Live', remember.
It's easy !

To email the Studio during these 'Live' Shows :
To SMS : + 421 907 417 497
If you've got Skype - just send a message to : rtipoprad

There may well be a Live Phone number on 1 or 2 shows too, we'll know nearer the time.


As for our Saturday via RTI Schedules, they now look like this :

23rd September : Richard Bismarck
30th September : Barry De Foyle
7th October : Zoe Street
14th October : Katrine

Following these, Andy Miles, Rich Phoenix, and the welcome return, shortly, of Gil Legine.

That's all the news that's unfit to print, right now.
A week or so after returning from Poprad, Johnny Reece has some work in Paris too, though this is not Album Zone based. But my guess is, you'll hear all about it !

Thanks, as ever, for your support.

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone

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