Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sounds crossing the pond

Greetings Zoners,
and here we are on (yet) another Bank Holiday weekend, in the UK.
How did the travels go, I hear you ask ? (well, I don't, but I'm going to tell you anyway).
The much talked about Norway trip was abandoned at the last minute, due to airport strikes, which at the time we cancelled, affected 6 Norwegian Airports, and eventually spread to 12.
It really wasn't worth the risk. Oslo would have been fine, but our onward forays from there would have been difficult and more time consuming than we had hoped. As it was Bergen we all really wanted to see, we decided to stay put, and we'll go another time.
The infamous Mr Lloyd, meanwhile, is esconced in cottage style living in Brittany, France, until late next week.
So, it's a Scots update for you, with no tales whatsoever of Slartibartfast.
Ah, we'll catch up with him next time.
This weekend, Rich Phoenix is back on SKY and RTI for the first time in a while. It's 21.00 hours by the UK clock, tonight, Saturday, on Sky 0195, and around the Net via
Oh, and if you dare miss it, the Show in on our Pod too !
Whilst you visit, don't forget to throw a vote our way, there's just a week to go on that. You'll see the voting grid, at the top right of their page. Thanks !
I'll be back in your ears tomorrow evening (so, wash them first, please) at 20.00 hours, UK time, same frequencies - Sky 0195, and
I'll be featuring brand new music from Sparks, The Teenagers, and the wonderfully noisy Be Your Own Pet. A few faves thrown in too from times of yore, from the likes of The Kinks, The Cure, Scott Walker, and more. Tune in !
If for some inexplicable reason you cannot, well, I'll be nice about it and put it on our Pod, late Sunday evening. Ok ?
Don't forget we invade the Radio Seagull airwaves too, 6 times per week.
You'll hear Rich Phoenix, Barry De Foyle, and Andy Miles, Monday through Wednesday, at 18.00 hours - these are repeated on Seagull at 02.00, on Friday through Sunday.
So, you've no excuse to miss anything !
All that remains is for me to wish you a great weekend, wherever you are, holiday or not.
Orrabest (as we say in those northern parts),
Johnny Reece x