Friday, January 11, 2008

It's that time again...

Hello troops, it's another weekend update from those damnable Zone people. If you're reading this from our Blogspot, do you recognise the old AZ Logo above ? Ah, you must have been with us for a while, if you do. That was long before even I joined ! If you're reading this from other Blogs or MySpace, you won't see it, and will be wondering what on earth I'm talking about.
No surprises there.
It surprised me to find that pieces of ancient and previous AZ Sites do exist around the net, and in my inquisitive way, I tracked them down. Of course, many 'vintage' stories from times past can be found on the Blogspot Archive. Do check it all out one day, if you will. Some of it is bound to surprise you. It surprised me !
Now, about those questions we asked listeners to throw our way some while back ?
Well, we compiled a huge number, collated them into something approaching common sense, and will be mailing these out to the AZ Squad over the next few days. The answers they give (oh, I can hardly wait) will be published right here.
Bounding into the weekend we go, and Gil Legine is back this Saturday at 9pm (UK time), via, and Sky 0195.
If you're not around for those, the Show is also currently on our Pod, so you've no excuse !
Gil will be airing the likes of Cheech And Chong, Bjork, Arcade Fire, Dixie Dregs, Foo Fighters, and a host of others too.
When Sunday arrives, it's the turn of Johnny Reece, in his usual spot at 8pm (UK time), once again via, and Sky 0195. This will also go on our Pod, late on Sunday.
Expect to hear Ting Tings, John Cooper Clarke, Badfinger, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Stranglers, amongst a host of others, oh, and a few stories too, as ever !
And talking of Pods, don't miss the brand new opus from Zoe. It's up there right now, do tune in for an exclusive listen via our Pod, before the Show is distributed elsewhere.
Enjoy your weekend !
Thanks, as ever, for your support.
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