Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Topping up the suntan ?

Hi Zoneheads,
a quick extra bit of news, very good news at that, is that The Album Zone can now be heard, overnights 3 times a week (02.00 - 04.00, Fri, Sat, Sun) via the good people at 105 FM in Tenerife. Don't get sunburnt !
This relay is courtesy of our good friends at Radio Seagull, in the Netherlands.
Factor 25, anyone ?

For anyone that doesn't already know - we are on Radio Seagull, Mon Tue Wed at 18.00 hours,and Fri Sat Sun at 02.00 hrs.
Also - www.rti.fm at 21.00 Saturdays and 20.00 Sundays (and Sky Satellite 0195, simultaneously).
Oh, and our Pod has everything too, 24/7 !


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekend, and Q and A's...

Hi all,
are you used to the fact it's 2008 yet ? It was always such a problem in the past, getting the date wrong for ages whenever you had to write it. I've adjusted a lot quicker this time. No waiting until it's March before you write '08' automatically. Or, type it, I should say. A lot of actual 'writing' has become rather a thing of the past. My own writing has suffered because of it, and millions of others too, I would guess. It's now become something of an unruly scrawl.
On the other hand, this is neat and tidy isn't it ? But, I 'write' very little these days. I never thought a keyboard would replace a pen, but there you go.
To the matters in hand, as it were, and we soar into the weekend with Rich Phoenix making his first appearance on RTI and Sky, for a while. The place to be is www.rti.fm, or Sky 0195, at 9pm (that's UK time) tonight, Saturday. It's also on our Pod !
Expect the likes of Badfinger, Junior Parker, Dylan, and some newies including Ray Davies, vintage from Gene Vincent, and... well, tune in !
Sunday night sees Johnny Reece take the chair, same Stations, same frequencies, though it begins an hour earlier, at 8pm UK. Into your ears will be Alex Harvey, Ben Harper, Colin Newman, newies such as Dave Gahan, and the odd piece of vintage from the likes of Sylvie Vartan. Expect the unexpected, is the phrase we often use - because it's true !
The Scotsmans choices hit our Pod on Sunday evening, too.
For all current Album Zone Programmes, whenever you may feel the need, just go to :
Ah, now it's time for the second of our 'Q and A' series. As Rich Phoenix returns to our weekend airwaves, we felt it was his turn to take the limelight with his grilling session, what he thinks, and why he thinks it.
So, here goes !
Rich Phoenix : The Q and A's... :

If you were in charge of making the environment better what would you do?

Put an enforceable international tax or sanction on every form of what we now consider “carbon loading,” and it would be pervasive -- from companies generating power to governments responsible for wasting energy, wrecking the environment and especially those governments involved in active conflicts, since the detonation of firearms and explosives are clearly a form of carbon loading. In short, make the whole damned carbon loading affair unprofitable for parties engaged in same for no useful humanitarian purpose.

In your career with the Album Zone and the thousands of songs that you've played have you ever played anything that changed a listeners life?

Not on AZ, so far as I know, but some 42 years ago, when I was an all-night country DJ on a big midwestern American mediumwave station, I dedicated Marty Robbins’ “A White Sport Coat” to a fraternity brother who was on the road and nodding out. Hearing my voice and dedication kept him from falling asleep at the wheel and like as not killing himself in an automobile accident.

Have you ever considered quitting AZ ? And why ?

No way! AZ is my passion and my mental health therapy!

Anything you've done that you have really regretted ? Care to tell ?

Not helping my Mom and Dad enough around the house when I still lived under their roof.

It doesn't pay. Why do you do it ?

Please refer to the reply about quitting AZ -- same answer. It is truly a passion.

What's the best thing about doing AZ ?

Having Governor Reece as the boss.

And the worst ?

Not having AZ on a big-arse string of high-powered terrestrial radio stations in North America.

Favourite City:

Easy one, that -- London, of course, ‘coz they’ve always made me feel uncommonly welcome and respected my areas of expertise.

Favourite town:

Chester, New Jersey, as they’ve never given me a parking ticket nor made me feel unwelcome in any way.

Do you miss doing 'Live' Shows ?

Sometimes, yes, but the ability to pre-record generally allows me to give every show my best, even on a “bad” day or night.

Do you have a favourite record of all time - or are there just too many ?

Yes, there are a lot of ‘em. If it had to be a Desert Island Disc, it would be the Fabs’ Abbey Road, start to finish.

Where have you never travelled - but really want to visit ?


Ever thought of doing 'all talk' programmes ?

Yes, and I have. I felt damned naked to be lacking music to help tell the story.

Do you ever listen to any of the other AZ Presenters shows ?
If so, which ones and why ?

Yes, especially Guvnah Reece, ‘coz he’s the boss!

Got pets ? What ?

My wife and I have four cats. They are wonderful company and we couldn’t part with a single one of ‘em. Philosophy: Love me/Love my cats.

What's the funniest / saddest / strangest
thing to happen while doing (live ??) shows on the radio ?

Having the “murder” of a lifelong friend (since deceased) staged in the radio station while I was on the air.

What was really embarrassing ?

Not having a full command of Saxon monosyllables in my youth and having to ask my Mum what one of the “big ones” meant (and we were in church!)

Who's the sexiest girl / boy singers for you ?

Dusty Springfield/Isaac Hayes

Sexiest record ?

“The Look of Love,” again, by the two artistes above, although one recording is a total “180” from the other!

Please tell us something about your biography, we don't know much about you... where are you from, where are you now ? And where are you going ?

Originally, I am from the American South, the Confederacy, if you will -- born in Norfolk, Virginia and proud that the root cause of that war was a form of independence but ashamed of the fact that the victims of that “independence,” had been human beings that deserved respect and freedom which was a century in coming and still isn‘t here. I am now in New Jersey. Where am I going? -- wherever it is, it better be with my wife.

AZ has been going 10 years. Will you still be doing it in 10 years time ?

If the fates allow, and we will surely be bigger and better in 10 years’ time!

Would you like a job with a national radio station ?

Only if that national radio station were AZ, heard terrestrially, via satellite, shortwave, on the web and Super WiFi with JR as the boss.

Favourite Album ?

Gotta be Abbey Road, once again.

Does a lot of advance planning go into your programmes, or do you just sit down and get on with it ?

I “get on with it” after researching unfamiliar artistes and their accomplishments so that I will sound conversant and relatively intelligent.

Anything else you'd like to add ?

Couldn’t have gotten this far in my life and in AZ without the support of my wife, Carla, who believes in me.


Thanks all, for your support. Back soon !

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone

Official AZ Blog : http://thealbumzone.blogspot.com
Official AZ MySpace : http://www.myspace.com/albumzone
email : studio@albumzone.co.uk

Monday, January 21, 2008

The return of Cupcake... and oh, those questions...

Hello all,
an early update this week, as we announce the return of Cupcake to the AZ airwaves.
The new show, a 'Movie Music' Special, will nestle into our Pod late tonight, 21st January.
Don't miss it ! You'll hear from the likes of Beck, Ennio Morricone, Vangelis, Kate Bush, Sigur Ros, The Faces, Stratus, Asha Bhosle, and more...
It's at : http://www.4shared.com/dir/391612/be81ca22/sharing.html
You'll find all the current AZ Shows right there, all cuddling up to each other.
Well, sort of.
Cupcakes newie first appears on RTI and Sky, on Saturday 23rd February, so this is a nice advance preview. Thereafter, throughout February the show will also be aired via Radio Seagull, on 4 separate occasions, different days, different times.
We'll fill you in when the time comes, as we always do.
But what about those questions ?
We gathered together questions sent in by AZ listeners, threw them all into a bag (so they couldn't escape, obviously), then dragged in all the AZ Presenters, one by one, into a little room, where they were tied to a chair, a little spotlight shining on them, and grilled them, one by one.
Well, we might have done.
Coming up soon, will be the Q & A sessions from all AZ Personnel, one by one, and we will publish these once per week, until they've had enough. Fair ? We think so.
Cupcakes interrogation went something like this :
> If you were in charge of making the environment better what would you do?

Make EVERYONE recycle (no excuses) and string up anyone caught throwing litter.

> In your career with the Album Zone and the thousands of songs that you've played have you ever played anything that changed a listeners life?

Errrr, don't think so, but I've played a few that have made people happy.

> Have you ever considered quitting AZ ? And if so, why ?

Yes, but only because i felt i was letting the team down by not producing shows on time. My life was a bit hectic to say the least and that got in the way at the time, but I love putting together shows for AZ and its always great when people send a personal message to say they have enjoyed the show.

> Anything you've done that you have really regretted ? Care to tell ?

Yes. and no I don't care to tell ;p

> AZ doesn't pay. Why do you do it ?

It's good fun, and I like sharing new music.

> What's the best thing about doing AZ ?

Sharing new music, and people telling me that I have great taste in music :)

> And the worst ?

Listening to myself (cringe)

> Favourite city or town - and why ?

Paris, cos it's romantic innit?

> Do you miss doing 'Live' Shows ?

Never done a live show yet, but I think I would be too nervous to do one! Things have a habit of going haywire in my presence......

> Do you have a favourite record of all time - or are there just too many ?

There are waaaaaaaay too many favourites!
I have different ones for different moods / times etc.

> Where have you never travelled - but really want to visit ?

The Maldives

> Ever thought of doing 'all talk' programmes ?

Not really, but it could be fun !

> Do you ever listen to any of the other AZ Presenters shows ?
> If so, which ones and why ?

Yes, I like Head Honcho Johnny Reece's Show and Richard Phoenix cos they both play good tunes innit!
Oh, and Pixie always sounds really happy and enthusiastic so that's good to hear too :)

> Got pets ? What ?

Not at the moment. would like another dog or cat one day!

> What's the funniest / saddest / strangest
> thing to happen while doing (live ??) shows on the radio ?

Erm, haven't had a live experience yet.

> What was really embarrassing ?

Everything !

>Who's the sexiest girl / boy singer for you ?

Serge Gainsbourg

Sexiest record ?

Cargo Culte - Serge Gainsbourg featuring Jane Birkin

>Please tell us something about your biography, we don't know much about you... where are you from, where are you now ? And where are you going ?

I was born in Slough 35 years ago, and left as soon as I was old enough and wise enough. Living out the rest of my days in London's trendy east end (said in a very tongue in cheek way).
Have a love / hate relationship with the city, but its home for now.
Will go wherever the desire and a love of a good man will take me.

> AZ has been going for 10 years. Will you still be doing it in 10 years time ?

If it starts to pay me then i'll be doing it for the next 20 years!

> Would you like a job with a national radio station ?

Yes please

> Favourite Album ?

Le Histoire de Melody Nelson - Serge Gainsbourg

> Does a lot of advance planning go into your programmes, or do you just sit down and get on with it ?

Hmm, it depends on my frame of mind or the time available to me.

> Anything else you'd like to add ?

I need to get out of bed and make some breakfast and stop answering this questionnaire ;p

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Gogglebox

Good weekend to all !
Steve is away this week, so you will have to put up with a Scotsmans musical ramblings.
I'm not usually much of a TV person (or Radio, for that matter) but there has been some fascinating documentaries on in recent times. BBC Four have continued their series 'Pop ! What Is It Good For ?' with a whole selection of excellent programmes. So well written and presented, and a particular favourite was hosted by music journo Paul Morley, who chose 6 pop songs and explained why they were so important to him, growing up with them, what they meant, etc etc.
It made we wish I could do the same. TV contract, anyone ? I'd love to do that.
Alongside, was the 'Pop Britannia' series, and it showed how, even though the musical world has changed so much, there were exact striking parallels between the Tin Pan Alley of the 50s and 60s, right through to this decade. The word is 'Svengali'. All different in their own ways, but no matter what decade, the result was basically the same - hits.
Naturally, they looked closely at Brian Epstein, Andrew Loog Oldham, Larry Page, and the like.
Initially, I saw no connection with them to the awful 'Hit Factory' of the 80s and 90s with the manufactured acts (and even now, with the likes of Simon Cowell, etc, with their 'Idol' shows).
But of course there is. 'Svengalis' all, creating hits, creating 'pop stars', just in a different time, and a different place. I had never really thought of the parallels being that close before. But they are, and it's just that time has moved on, though the end result is the same, although, admittedly, more 'throwaway' in culture now. Money is more the key now, in a 'quick fix' hit type of way, and I guess that's why the mystique and fascination will always remain with the real creators, and the people who did it first, like the Epsteins of this world.
Back to this weekend, and the Zone continues with the Saturday and Sunday evening shows via www.rti.fm and Sky 0195, and then through Monday to Wednesday, via www.radioseagull.com.
I'm around on Sunday at 8pm (UK time) via RTI and Sky, and took advantage of the fact I had a host of new material in, in recent times, so the likes of The Fratellis, Dave Gahan, Glasvegas and more, feature this week, alongside a few musical faves, and biased viewpoints !
Tonight, Saturday, at 9pm, same channel, it's Andy Miles, leaning more to the 'Rock' idiom, with the likes of Velvet Revolver, Wildhearts, and the Stones too. And much more.
Do tune in, if you can. As ever, it's all on our Pod too, by late Sunday evening.
Have a great weekend !
Johnny Reece, The Album Zone

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Playlists and Scheds, and a spring clean...

Hi all,
a good weekend I trust ? I do hope so.
Sunday evening it is, and we have the weekend playlists for you.
Saturday - Gil Legine, and Sunday - Johnny Reece. Don't forget, both of these Shows (and hosts of others !) are now available on our Pod - whenever you like, to just play and stream at your hearts desire, or to download.
For free ! Your choice !
We are on air again via Radio Seagull, as ever, Monday to Wednesday, 6pm (UK time), with shows from Johnny Reece, Barry De Foyle, and, on Wednesday, Zoe is back, with her new 'Paranoimia' Show.
Don't miss it ! Oh, and it's on the Pod right now too...
We did a little spring cleaning of our Myspace page this weekend too, take a look !
Ok, here are the Playlists :
Gil Legine Show : 12th January 2008 :

Foo Fighters - The Pretender
Absolute Elsewhere - Earthbound/Future Past
Cheech & Chong - Sister Mary Elephant
Q.O.T.S.A. - Suture Up Your Future
Interpol - Pioneer Of The Falls
Kayak - Bury The World
Field Music - A House Becomes A Home
Tori Amos - Bouncing Off Clouds
Colosseum II - All Skin & Bone
The White Stripes - 300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues
The Good, The Bad & The Queen - Kingdom Of Doom
Dixie Dregs - The Bash
Arcade Fire - (Antichrist Television Blues)
Björk - Wanderlust
National Health - The Bryden 2-Step
Rufus Wainwright - Slideshow
Modest Mouse - Little Motel
Frank Zappa - Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?
Patrick Watson - The Storm
U.K. - The Only Thing She Needs
Johnny Reece Show : 13th January 2008 :
Harry Chapin - W.O.L.D.
Dave & Ansil Collins - Double Barrel
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
The Beatles - Sexy Sadie
Badfinger - Know One Knows
Area Code 615 - Stone Fox Chase
Roxy Music - Prairie Rose
Tuxedomoon - What Use ?
Eurythmics Vs. White Stripes - Sweet Nation Army
Don McLean - Castles In The Air
Vanessa Paradis - Divine Idylle
The Troggs - Lost Girl
Rockin' Rebels - Wild Weekend
David Bowie - Life On Mars ?
Ting Tings - That's Not My Name
Heinz - Just Like Eddie
Neil Young - Cinnamon Girl
The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead
The Stranglers - Peaches
The Equals - Baby Come Back
Grace Jones - Walking In The Rain
John Cooper Clarke - I Don't Want To Be Nice
Medicine Head - Natural Sight
Pat Campbell - The Deal

Have a great week everyone,


AZ Pod : http://www.4shared.com/dir/391612/be81ca22/sharing.html
AZ MySpace : http://www.myspace.com/albumzone
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Saturday, January 12, 2008

No Sky/RTI - please go to our Pod as back-up

9.30pm Saturday night update :
Yes, we know, we know - but thanks to Stevie B, Peter (well, both Peter's), Sjaak, Renee, PK & Sue, Lydia, Katerina, and Julia - so far ( !! ) - for letting us know that the AZ Show isn't on RTI once again. Can I please point you to our own Pod - you'll find the Gil Legine Show on there right now - and of course it will be on shortly via Radio Seagull too - who now broadcast us 6 times per week. We'll start to publish the Seagull Scheds here too, in future.

Apologies - it's completely out of our control.

Meanwhile, if the same fate happens to the Johnny Reece Show on Sunday 8pm, we will ensure it's on our own Pod at the same time, so it'll be there for you to hear in one form or another, at the scheduled time.

Thanks for being on the ball and letting us know so promptly !

Our Pod (where you can always hear all of our current Programming) is at :


Thanks again Zoneheads,


Friday, January 11, 2008

It's that time again...

Hello troops, it's another weekend update from those damnable Zone people. If you're reading this from our Blogspot, do you recognise the old AZ Logo above ? Ah, you must have been with us for a while, if you do. That was long before even I joined ! If you're reading this from other Blogs or MySpace, you won't see it, and will be wondering what on earth I'm talking about.
No surprises there.
It surprised me to find that pieces of ancient and previous AZ Sites do exist around the net, and in my inquisitive way, I tracked them down. Of course, many 'vintage' stories from times past can be found on the Blogspot Archive. Do check it all out one day, if you will. Some of it is bound to surprise you. It surprised me !
Now, about those questions we asked listeners to throw our way some while back ?
Well, we compiled a huge number, collated them into something approaching common sense, and will be mailing these out to the AZ Squad over the next few days. The answers they give (oh, I can hardly wait) will be published right here.
Bounding into the weekend we go, and Gil Legine is back this Saturday at 9pm (UK time), via www.rti.fm, and Sky 0195.
If you're not around for those, the Show is also currently on our Pod, so you've no excuse !
Gil will be airing the likes of Cheech And Chong, Bjork, Arcade Fire, Dixie Dregs, Foo Fighters, and a host of others too.
When Sunday arrives, it's the turn of Johnny Reece, in his usual spot at 8pm (UK time), once again via www.rti.fm, and Sky 0195. This will also go on our Pod, late on Sunday.
Expect to hear Ting Tings, John Cooper Clarke, Badfinger, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Stranglers, amongst a host of others, oh, and a few stories too, as ever !
And talking of Pods, don't miss the brand new opus from Zoe. It's up there right now, do tune in for an exclusive listen via our Pod, before the Show is distributed elsewhere.
Enjoy your weekend !
Thanks, as ever, for your support.
Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone
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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Weekend Playlists !

Ah, yes ! Here are the weekend playlists ! - both Shows are now on our Pod.

Pod : http://www.4shared.com/dir/391612/be81ca22/sharing.html

Hope everyone had a great weekend,


The Johnny Reece Show

Sunday 6th January 2008

Sparks - Change
Sadistic Mika Band - Hi ! Jack (I'm Just Dying)
The Ronettes - How Does It Feel ?
Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London
Cat Stevens - (Remember The Days Of The) Old Schoolyard
Monaco - Happy Jack
The Beatles - You Never Give Me Your Money / Sun King /
Mean Mr. Mustard / Polythene Pam /
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
Klaatu - Maybe I'll Move To Mars
Lambchop - Something's Going On
Jellyfish - The Man I Used To Be
Human League - The Black Hit Of Space
Jane Birkin - Strange Melody
Boomtown Rats - Rat Trap
Gung Ho - Play To Win
Roger Waters - 5.01 a.m.
Linda Mccartney - Oriental Nightfish
Roxy Music - Just Another High
Paul Weller - You Do Something To Me
MC Solaar - Caroline
The Sundays - I Feel
Elvis Costello and The Attractions - Town Cryer
Tyrannosaurus Rex - King Of The Rumbling Spires
Lovin' Cohens - Shoily Klein
Barry De Foyle Show

5th January 2008
Earl Slick - Zig Zag

Max Webster - High Class In Borrowed Shoes

Patrick Moraz - Nervous Breakdown

Orange Deluxe - 21st Century

Pavement - Major Leagues

Elton John - Candle In the Wind (Acoustic Mix)

Quintessence - Gange Mai

Karl Bartos - The Camera

Lambchop - Nothing But A Blur From A Bullet Train

Pavlov's Dog - Fast Gun

Gary Numan & Tubeway Army - Me ! I Disconnect From You

Goldman, Fredericks, Jones - Rouge (Version Court)

The Yoshida Brothers - Tsugaru Jongara Bushi

Nut - Crazy

10cc - Life Is A Minestrone

Alice Cooper - No More Mr Nice Guy

Be Bop Deluxe - Mill Street Junction (BBC Studio Version)

Yamo - Speechdancer (Talk Back)

Hoelderlin - Mad House

Padre Antonio Soler - Fandango en re menor

Camel - Unevensong

Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle

Split Enz - One Step Ahead

Souad Massi - Tant Pis Pour Moi

Vince Guaraldi - Christmas Is Coming

Status Quo - Rain

Talking Heads - (Nothing But) Flowers

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Into 2008...

Happy New Year to all (a bit late I know, but we've been away).
I saw many New Year displays and celebrations from around the world, as we all did, and I have decided there is one place I'd love to see in the middle of a celebration - the worlds most amazing skyline, in my opinion - Beijing. So, that's a target for me. I have to visit !
But, it's back to London town, as we head into 2008, and the Zone business at hand.
A host of new Programmes have been done, and are being arranged. Our Pod is full of new and current shows - so don't forget to check it out.
Up and coming in the next week too, will be newies from both Cupcake, and Zoe. As ever, we will feature these on our Pod first, and I'll publish more schedules later.
On the subject of schedules, we are just putting the finishing touches to all the January 2008 ones, and tonight, Saturday, via RTI and Sky, will be Barry De Foyle. That's at 9pm (UK time).
Tomorrow night, Sunday, 8pm, it's Johnny Reece.
Looking ahead to Radio Seagull next week, and it's Johnny Reece (Monday and Friday), Rich Phoenix (Tuesday and Saturday), and Barry De Foyle (Wednesday and Sunday). Have a look at their site for the exact details and times.
Hoping you all had a fabulous New Year, and do stick with us for 2008 !
Thanks, as ever, for your support.
Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone
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