Monday, January 30, 2012

The Album Zone is happy to announce another Broadcasting outlet, as Affinity in Cambridge will be airing AZ on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8pm, with immediate effect. The first AZ Show on Affinity ( will be Tuesday 31st Jan at 8pm, with Andy Miles.  Meanwhile, the Johnny Reece Show will be on Affinity every Thursday at 8pm. Both AZ Shows are also repeated at weekends. Our thanks to David Clouter for making it all possible. Hi Cambridge !

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

24/7 Schedule for the Album Zone Archive !

OK !, deep breath...  here's the current Schedule for the 24/7 Album Zone Archive... in order of play ! 
Just go to, and feast those ears, ok ?...
We're there. 24 Hours a Day !

Andy Miles, Nov 2011
Johnny Reece, 14th Nov 2011
Barry de Foyle, Nov 2011
Gil Legine, Nov 2011
Johnny Reece, 21st Nov 2011
Andy Miles, 27th Oct 2008
Johnny Reece, 28th Nov 2011
Barry de Foyle, Oct 2008
Johnny Reece, 7th Nov 2011
Simon G, Nov 2011
Zoe and Reecey, Oct 2008
James Barclay, June 1998
Zoe Street-Howe, Oct 2008
Johnny Reece, 8th Oct 2008
Andy Miles, 13th Oct 2008
Johnny Reece and Ezio, Sept 1999 (3 hours)
Colin W Mueslibar,  Oct 1995
Johnny Reece, Oct 1995
Reecey and Gil, May 1998

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Album Zone archive website is now active, 24/7, to the World !

Just go to, and we're there, 24 hours a day, with Album Zone Programmes over 18 years, plus some 'pre-AZ' specials too, featuring every Presenter who has ever graced our airwaves...

Presenter Profiles too, for all who have been involved, from days of yore, to the present day...   

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blimey ! It's 24/7 !!!

So, yes maties, these Blogs begin once again, with the rather fabulous news that AZ is now 24/7 around the world ! We have around 18 years of Archive AZ Shows (gulp) ready for your ears. Can they take it ? That's for you to judge... just go to, and test run those lugholes...