Sunday, September 24, 2006

Medicinal things like Mountains, Bananas and Chocolate

Hello Zoneheads,

and thank-you for your messages of 'get well soon' and 'oh no, not that bloody sinus thing again' !
Saturday night was a real no-no, as far as doing a Show was concerned. Such was the situation that I genuinely feared I would be heading home, with no more shows. But no, a cure, for the moment, was found. Permanent ? Well, I don't think so, but today was a minor miracle in terms of feeling ok - thanks to the care and attention of good friends old and new, including Eric and Martina, who have looked after me, and today, took me on a trip up into the mountains, oh, I tell you, the clean air !

A brisk, well, very long walk, a fabulous dinner, some good ol' Slovak medicine, and chocolate covered banana (!!!) and I felt a lot better and bounded into the Studio at just after 21.00 hours CET, to do my usual Sunday spot, though this time 'Live', of course.
Oh sure, a few sinus twinges and dizziness come back and forth, as expected, but absolutely nothing like yesterday, when I just wanted to curl up and hide away, it was so bad.
Tonight, I wanted to play records loudly. A lot.

And thanks to those of you - you know who you are - for your messages, and all the calls, Skypes, and SMS's that came into the Studio tonight. Marvellous fun.
I'm hoping to feel ok for Monday evening - in fact I'd better, as it's a 4 hour one, beginning at 21.00 CET.
As for Blogs, there's now an RTI one too - do check it out.

It's at, loads of pics, and don't forget, where you can put 'radio rti' into the search box and find all sorts of goodies on video. Go for it !

Johnny Reece

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