Friday, October 13, 2006

Un Petit Update...

Bonjour Petit Croissants,
just a quick update to say our Mr Reece has returned from his Parisian jaunt, and we're back in hyperspace here too, and this good ol' AZ Blog will be garnished with a full update tomorrow, Saturday, with the full Weekend Playlists, from both the Katrine and Johnny Reece shows.
Katrines Show is on RTI on Saturday night, and Johnny Reece's show airs on Sunday.

Furthermore, future AZ Schedules for RTI and Radio Seagull, for the next few weeks, will magically appear.

And don't forget, we now have 2 Pods, as listed on our Index, left.
A whole selection of goodies there for you, including the new Zoe Street show, the CBGBs special, which appears on Pod 2. Check the Pods out from time to time, they will be ever changing.

New up on the Pods in the next week, will be the new AZ Programmes from Rich Phoenix, Andy Miles, Katrine, and Johnny Reece.
Oh, and look out for some classic Vintage AZ too...

Check back tomorrow for New Playlists and Schedules !

Thanks, as ever, for your support.

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