Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Soiree

Yes, it's a mixed bag (just like it should be) :)
Brand new thingys from the likes of Portishead and REM, mixed with the recent, dare I say, fabulosity of Fabienne Delsol, and the Raveonettes, some classically epic Cockney Rebel and a bizarre minute or so with the Portsmouth Sinfonia.
And much more.
Ooh, do check in if you can -, at 8pm (UK time), and I'll try and keep you occupied for 2 hours. It's also on Sky 0195 simultaneously, too.

Huge thanks to those who have voted for either me / or The Album Zone, and if you haven't, please please do - it means a lot to us - at, near the top right of the page, there's a little voting thing. Make us your choice !
Thank you.

Meanwhile - more newies on our Pod later tonight too !

Johnny x