Sunday, August 09, 2009

This weeks AZ...

Hi Zoneheads,
how is your summer ?
Blistering hot days interrupted by thundery rain here, but this is England, after all.
We wouldn't have it any other way.

Is it a case of 'all change' at AZ Towers HQ ? As September approaches, it does begin to look like AZ Towers will be making the 'official' move, from London to Norfolk.
Come to think of it, a great deal of the work is already being done there.
Lots of travel back and forth recently, taking much more time as it should, due to various train strikes, meaning stops in Norwich for several hours at a time. Nice city !

On to this week, and here are the Album Zone programmes being aired via Radio Seagull, as ever, Monday to Wednesday, at 8pm UK time (with repeats, respectively, on Friday to Sunday, 2am each time), via

Be there !

Monday, it's Simon G in the chair. Tuesday, it's our man in Copenhagen, Gil Legine.
Then, on Wednesday, it's a brand new programme from Johnny Reece.

Up and coming in the next few weeks, is a 'Woodstock Special' from Rich Phoenix, to mark the anniversary. A couple of weeks delay on that one, but it will be worth waiting for.
Barry de Foyle returns the following week too, with a 'Piano Special'.
Ah, vicious rumours abound too, of a new Presenter for AZ, in September.
Watch this space !

Have a great week everyone, and thanks for your support.

Johnny at AZ

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