Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What's wrong with this picture ?

Hey look, we're not furniture experts. We like to be thought of as rather good on the musical side, though.
But no one can deny, there's something wrong with the picture at the top of this page. Look closely.
It's the AZ Chair, in front of the Studio here at AZ Towers.
Ermm... it's at something of an angle, don't you think ?
Yes, yesterday, saw the end of the line (in somewhat spectacular fashion) for the infamous AZ Studio Chair.
Oh, we grew to love it you know. It had developed a few endearing squeaks and creaks, but we loved that.
However, the left arm brackets, in something of a perilous state, finally gave way in a 'reaching across for CDs whilst putting entire body weight on the cracked chair arm' fashion, if you get my drift. Oops !
Happily, no injuries ensued. But it was mighty close !!!
Now, relaxing, leaning back, is only an option if you quickly wish to end up in a heap on the floor, with a bump.
The second picture, you'll be glad to hear, is what's coming as a replacement, hopefully this afternoon or tomorrow. Same type, as we do want consistency.
A memorial service for the AZ Chair will be held, in private, later today.
Ah, now to our Programmes this week, at the new times, on Radio Seagull.
Midnight is the witching hour (UK time), so, an hour later for you Europeans, or 5 hours earlier for you East Coast Stateside listeners... the rest of you will just have to work it out !
Tonight, Wednesday, it's Pixie, and on Friday, it's Andy Miles. Saturday night, at the earlier slot of 21.00 hours, it's Johnny Reece. That's all via

Have a great week, and we'll be back in a few days, with tales of new chairs, and weekend playlists...

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