Saturday, July 05, 2008


Hi all,
I didn't really think that Radio and Tennis would be a surefire mix, but for 2 weeks a year in this part of the world, it surely is. Wimbledon is on, just down the road from AZ Towers, and has provided a welcome break at times from the steamy studio.
I love the traditions involved, a proper grass court (as it was meant to be), players in all white, and one eye on that traditional Wimbledon spoiler - the weather.
Sad to say my own favourite didn't do so well, Maria Kirilenko, who is really a clay or hard court specialist, grass doesn't suit her. Shame !, as I could watch her all week ! I did cheer her on in the semi of the mixed doubles last night, but to no avail. And it was all over for her in the Singles, over a week ago. Ah, well.
No doubt I'll see a bit of the Women's final, though I doubt I'll watch all of it, not really being a fan of the Williams sisters, though it is essential viewing for a short while if you want to see how amusing Serena looks. I'm convinced she's dressed by an old maiden aunt who is convinced she is 4 years old and going out for a picnic, before she goes on court. Quite a sight.
Strange to see my other faves, Sharapova and Ivanovic, going out of the tournament earlier. The Serbs and Russians, for the main, do tend to dominate the Women's game in recent years. How the Men's game has changed too - when growing up it was Australians and Americans - and the chance of seeing either nationality in the late stages of big tournaments now is very much a thing of the past. You never know where the next big thing is coming from.
Nastase was my favourite, way back, before you ask (something tells me he's a bit too old to compete now, though). With typical Scottish fervour, we shouted on Andy Murray this time, who did well, getting to the last 8. 'One for the future', as the cliche says.
Back to reality and headphones, and that Pod of ours is now brimmed with new delights, as we promised you.
New Shows a-go-go, from Simon G, a co-hosted Reecey and Zoe, Barry De Foyle, and more.
Oh, and more to add too, on Sunday. Keep those ears peeled !
Up and coming : another new Reecey Show (ermm, that's me), a new solo from Zoe, more blues from Andy Miles, a new Gil Legine, and Rich Phoenix too.
We'll update here, with news of when things appear there, for those ears of yours.
You know the address to check it all out :
Wherever you are, have a fab weekend.
Johnny Reece, The Album Zone