Monday, October 13, 2008

Sacre Bleu !

It's one of those lightning quick updates !, as the Eurostar is calling.
Up to me today, as the infamous Mr Lloyd is away until tomorrow. Off to Paris in about an hour, so Albums by Malcolm McLaren and films starring Audrey Tautou are already beginning to spring to mind... just a 48 hour trip, with a gig by the ultimately splendid Emiliana Torrini to attend, tomorrow evening.
On to the matter in hand !
A quick update on Album Zone via Radio Seagull shows for you this week, Monday to Wednesday inclusive, at 21.00 hours CET - that's 20.00 UK... just nip to, and listen in... tonight it's Andy Miles, Tuesday sees the return of Barry de Foyle, and on Wednesday evening it's a co-hosted affair, with myself and Zoe... be there !
These 3 Programmes above are repeated, respectively, Friday through Sunday, same place, 03.00 CET, that's 21.00 EST for all of you Stateside.
Hey I'll send you a postcard !