Sunday, March 29, 2009

Promotions and Birthdays

A quick weekend Hello, and a Congrats in order for our own man in NJ, Rich Phoenix.
We're talking bigtime promotion at work here. Nice one !
Not only that, but a birthday to come this week (21 ? 31?, we can't say).
Add to this, the Big Guy's brand new AZ Show is broadcast on Tuesday. Don't miss it, via Radio Seagull, at, Tuesday, at 21.00 CET (or 20.00 UK, 15.00 EST).

It's repeated at 21.00 EST on Friday evening, and 03.00 CET and 02.00 UK on Friday morning.
Also coming up, the brand new Simon G Show, on Monday, at 21.00 CET...

Once we reach late May and early June, our programme times will change considerably for approximately 3 weeks, due to other 'Live' Broadcasts eminating from the Seagull Ship - but that's a few weeks away, and we'll let you know all about those at the time...

More Sched details to follow soon !