Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bugs !

Hi all,
there is some flu-ish throaty temperature sneezy downright nasty bugs hanging around AZ Towers at the moment, so I have sneaked in to tell you who is on and when, and shall beat a hasty quick retreat.
If I see any around though, I'll give them a good swat, ok ?
This weekend, our friends at WCRV air Gil Legine, and Johnny Reece.
Our friends at Hesser also air AZ, today, Saturday, at Noon EST (5pm Uk time). They can be reached at Thanks guys !
Spare a thought for our buddies at Radio Seagull, suffering, yesterday, what has happened to us on a couple of previous occasions. That is, a complete hard drive failure. These things are not pretty, a damn nuisance, and play complete havoc with any sort of Programming plans. They are trying to get sorted before the end of the weekend, so, good luck guys !
If they succeed, AZ for next week, via Seagull, should read like this : (All times CET) :
Monday 21.00 and Friday 03.00 : Simon G
Tuesday 21.00 and Saturday 03.00 : Richard Bismarck
Wednesday 21.00 and Sunday 03.00 : Johnny Reece
The following week via Seagull , expect newies from Zoe, and the Gilster...
You will also be able to hear the newie from Johnny Reece (ermm, in pre-sneeze mode btw) on Monday, via, and Sky 0195, at 21,00 hours (UK time).
Should the swatting, and, to be frank, deserved annihilation of the bugs be a success, we expect to have both Johnny Reece and Zoe present here at AZ Towers on Monday next, to record the next in their series of joint soirees... which will be aired the following week !
Oh, and we expect a newie from Barry De Foyle anyday too...
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to flee !
Have a great weekend all,