Saturday, September 13, 2008

Schedules and Pop Quizzes

Greetings Zoners !

Time to tell you of AZ Programmes around the globe, coming up (oh, and what's just been on too)... Our good friends at WCRV (97.7, Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania) aired the brand new Richard Bismarck Show on Friday evening. This is the last Mr Biz one for a few weeks, as it's holiday time for him. Expect travel tales on his return !

Today, Saturday, Hesser College Radio in Manchester, New Hampshire, aired the latest Andy Miles Show. They broadcast on 540 AM locally, and on the Net, at
AZ is aired there on Saturdays, at Noon, EST.

Sunday sees WCRV back in the frame, as the new Johnny Reece Show is aired.

The Scotsmans newie can also be heard globally on Monday evening, at 21.00 UK time, on Sky Satellite, Channel 0195, and via the Net, at, simultaneously.

Then, it's the turn of Radio Seagull, from the Netherlands ( to get in on the act, with 6 airings of The Album Zone through next week.
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, at 20.00 UK time, you can hear Rich Phoenix, Reecey and Zoe, and Johnny Reece, respectively. These will be repeated at 03.00 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Our next visitor here to AZ Towers will be the delectable and punklicious Ms Z, here on Tuesday for the next show. We also expect, by the end of September, to hear the return of Gil Legine.
Add all that up, and you have no excuses to miss the Zone, have you ?

News through late yesterday, that Johnny Reece has been invited back as a previous winner, to once again appear on the TV Show 'Mike Reads Pop Quiz', sometime in October. Nice !
He claims that as he wore a Roxy Music T-shirt for his last appearance, that he's thinking of wearing an AZ one next time.
I should think so !

Have a great weekend, and thanks, as ever, for your support.

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone