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ALBUM ZONE : Programme Schedules : April/May 2008


Programme Schedules : April / May 2008

The Album Zone via RTI (, and Sky 0195)

EVERY SUNDAY at 20.00 hrs (UK time) : Johnny Reece


Saturdays, 21.00 hrs (UK time) :

5th April : Barry De Foyle
12th April : Johnny Reece
19th April : Andy Miles
26th April : Richard Bismarck
3rd May : Barry De Foyle
10th May : Zoe Paranoe
17th May : Rich Phoenix
24th May : Reecey and Zoe
31st May : Gil Legine


The Album Zone via Radio Seagull (

Please note :
Each programme is aired TWICE via Radio Seagull - the first date quoted at 18.00 hours (Uk time), the second date being 02.00 hrs (Uk time).

This equates to : the same AZ Show for Monday 18.00 and Friday 02.00, another Show for Tuesday 18.00 and Saturday 02.00, and a further AZ Show for Wednesday 18.00 and Sunday 02.00.
For further details. do check the Schedule at

7th and 11th April : Barry De Foyle
8th and 12th April : Richard Bismarck
9th and 13th April : Johnny Reece
14th and 18th April : Andy Miles
15th and 19th April : Zoe Paranoe
16th and 20th April : Johnny Reece
21st and 25th April : Richard Bismarck
22nd and 26th April : Barry De Foyle
23rd and 27th April : Johnny Reece
28th April and 2nd May : Zoe Paranoe
29th April and 3rd May : Gil Legine
30th April and 4th May : Johnny Reece
5th and 9th May : Rich Phoenix
6th and 10th May : Simon G
7th and 11th May : Johnny Reece
12th and 16th May : Gil Legine
13th and 17th May : Reecey and Zoe
14th and 18th May : Johnny Reece
19th and 23rd May : Simon G
20th and 24th May : Rich Phoenix
21st and 25th May : Johnny Reece
26th and 30th May : Reecey and Zoe
27th and 31st May : Barry De Foyle

ALL our night-time (02.00 hours) Shows via Radio Seagull, are also repeated, on Tenerife 105 FM... late Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights...

Don't forget our Pod ! ALL Album Zone Shows appear on our Pod, for a minimum of 3 weeks duration. All Shows appear on our Pod before being aired on any of our outlets.
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