Thursday, February 01, 2007

Danes, Vintage, and Blubber

Hello to you all...
A quick Midweek update for you.
We have been digging in those archives again, and currently are broadcasting some 'Vintage' Shows, appearing on Pod 2 only. There are so many shows from way back, featuring many of the current AZ Personnel in days of yore in various places on various stations (UK, France, Holland, at Sea...) that we feel we should occasionally dust down those tapes and give you a few snippets.
So, Pod 2 it is - the url is on the left of this very page, as you know.
Whenever time allows - we'll replace them, in no particular order - this really is a 'hand in the box' job and what comes out, gets uploaded. So, even we don't know what's coming up next, with these Programmes.
As for new/current Programmes, this Saturday via RTI we have Richard Bismarck, and, as ever, Johnny Reece returns for his usual Sunday evening spot.
We will publish the Playlists this weekend - right here, and on our MySpace page, too.
It looks like we have another jointly hosted show coming up, now, they do not happen often because of the differing geographical locations of all involved - but the Tall Cool One himself, Gil Legine, is in the UK for a week or two, and so Mr Reece and The Gilster will no doubt co-host one of these shows, shortly.
News on that right here, when it happens.
Up and coming : newies from Barry De Foyle, Pixie, Andy Miles, and Cupcake.
In a fortnight or so, Rich Phoenix will be back too.
Blubber !
Ah, our AZ Pet has a new house.
It is pictured above. It is bigger, more roomy, and dare I say, rather more luxurious, with extra furnishings still to come - a new tree, for instance.
But, for the moment, he shares his abode with a deep sea diver, and the Loch Ness Monster.
Have a great week,
Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone