Monday, June 12, 2006

It's just like Abba all over again...

Hello all,
nice to see that you listen to what we're saying, as I'm happy to say the Swedes top the charts once again, as many of you made a beeline to the Pod to hear Katrine make her debut on The Album Zone.
More to come from our little Swede in weeks to come.

Meanwhile, with the World Cup Day 4 report, here's Mickey McBias...

Day 4, and no great surprises, although we have seen the biggest win/defeat of the tournament so far, as the Czechs systematically demolished the USA very easily, 3-0. I thought it may be closer, as the Czechs had 2 top strikers out, and are the oldest team in the tournament, but midfield players such as Pavel Nedved (pictured above, needless to say, the one on the left) did some damage. What a fabulous player. Wish he'd sign for United !!! But strikers ? Who needs strikers when Nedved conquers all, and Rosicky pops up with a couple of splendid strikes. Probably the best 3 goals I've seen so far. Time will tell whether they will miss their 2 strikers, Koller and Baros. As for the USA, they were very poor and predictable, and with Italy up next for them, their players better start booking long summer holidays, because it's an early plane home for them, I'm sure.
Also this evening, Italy beat Ghana 2-0, the difference in class was evident even though the scoreline maybe wasn't. Ghana looked good for about 30 minutes, but as so often with African teams, it's guile they lack, particularly around the opponents penalty box. A good first showing, though. But to be honest, it's between them and the USA for bottom place in the group. This afternoon, I thought I was just about to get my 1-1 Aussie prediction spot on against Japan, until they had the cheek to score 2 goals in the last 2 minutes to claim a 3-1 victory. The Aussies did deserve it though, but I felt for Japan, who led 1-0 until just 8 minutes from the end, but then collapsed. And what's to come ? Well, Brazil tomorrow night, looking forward to that, though a tough starter for them against Croatia. No doubt the cameras will home in on many 'Bra-zil' supporters, and by the pic above, who can blame them ? A carnival atmosphere guaranteed. I expect South Korea to dispose of Togo, and France should overcome the Swiss, although they are much improved themselves. I'm loving the tournament so far, good games aplenty, but no real, real shocks yet, I guess they are still to come.