Thursday, October 19, 2006

New Pogo on the Pod, and more Schedules ahead...

Hello Zoneheads,

well, Zoe breezed in to AZ Towers last night, to regale us with another Pogo Sessions, a special John Peel tribute, and, as efficient as efficient can be, it's already up there for you right now, on Pod 2, sitting alongside her previous Show (the CBGBs Special), along with some other fine AZ Vintage from the year 2000, featuring both Nick Saloman and Johnny Reece.
The 'Vintage' will only stay there until Saturday, so if you want to hear those and have not partaken as yet - you had better be quick !
Pod 1 meanwhile, contains a plethera of current Shows (Katrine, Gil Legine, Johnny Reece, Andy Miles), and more Vintage for your delectation, too. Again, the 'Vintage' is there until Saturday only.

Additions to the Pods in the forthcoming week, will be all NEW Shows, from Rich Phoenix, Gil Legine, Katrine, and Barry De Foyle.

Pod 1 :
Pod 2 :

Looking further ahead, here are further updates to the Programme Schedules, where and when you can hear AZ, who, why, and how !


RTI (via, and Sky 0195) and various FM and AM in Central Europe - check the RTI website for the full details of these extra FM and AM frequencies) - all times quoted here are UK time :

Sat 21 Oct 21.00 : Andy Miles
Sat 28 Oct 21.00 : Gil Legine
Sat 04 Nov 21.00 : Zoe Street
Sat 11 Nov 21.00 : Katrine
Sat 18 Nov 21.00 : Barry De Foyle
Sat 25 Nov 21.00 : Rich Phoenix
Sat 02 Dec 21.00 : Gil Legine

Plus : Every Sunday via RTI / Sky 0195 at 20.00 : Johnny Reece


Now, our AZ Programmes via Radio Seagull ( and Radio Waddenzee (1602 AM in Northern Netherlands) every Wednesday evening, 18.00 - 00.00, a full 6 hours (3 AZ Shows back to back).

Wed 25 Oct : Zoe Street, Katrine, Johnny Reece
Wed 01 Nov : Gil Legine, Andy Miles, Johnny Reece
Wed 08 Nov : Zoe Street, Rich Phoenix, Johnny Reece
Wed 15 Nov : Rich Phoenix, Barry De Foyle, Johnny Reece
Wed 22 Nov : Katrine, Gil Legine, Johnny Reece


That's all, folks !

Thanks, as ever, for your support.

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