Friday, August 03, 2007

Mr De Foyle returns, and oh... Radio politics...

Hi Zoneheads, it's been one of those weeks. For the first time since I have been involved with this motley yet lovable crew we call the AZ Squad, I have seen the other side of the coin. How things are when all is not too well, and we have to fight our corner. Vehemently. Well, even viciously, if you like. I didn't have to do it, but Johnny Reece did. I witnessed it all. I'm beginning to think he should become one of those statesmen guys who fight causes for underdogs after this week !
It's been a week of Radio politics, and it was time to get our point across, and tell others what's what.
Something tells me that has been achieved.
It is a rare thing - no, an unheard of thing - let's get this straight - where Mr Reece individually calls up various AZ Members at their homes, for long, involved discussions, asking their opinions on matters of a serious nature.
Happily, (and hey, I knew this), all were absolutely 100% behind our Scotsman. We will overcome !
What the outcome is, is a shift in 'focus' towards our outlets, who air our Programming.
This will become apparent over the next few weeks. It cannot be actioned immediately, as many AZ Shows had been recorded just prior to our thrashing-out decision making process. But, all will become clear.
The first step, is using our own email address from now on - being
A greater focus will also fall, in future, to our MySpace page. That will have more information and updates than ever before, as time goes on. It will take a few weeks to fall into place, but fall into place, it will.
I listened with interest to the Johnny Reece 'A to Z' Programme last week. He's doing the same format again this weekend too - so, take your guesses ! Which artists will he play ? It's either Bands beginning with A, B, and so on, or Artists Surnames with A, B, and so on - 26 tracks, until we reach 'Z'.
The last couple of Playlists (published on this Blog, and also on our MySpace) may give you some clues.
Who knows ? Whatever they turn out to be - we'll publish them late Sunday evening, directly after the Show is aired. The Show will also appear on our Pod at the same time - the URL is on the page header on our Blogspot, and on our MySpace page.
Well done to Hans in Vienna, who got 3 correct last time - a new Album Zone T-Shirt is winging it's way to you, as we speak. That's pretty good - ermm, I got just 1 correct. Hey,. it's hard to predict - it could be anyone !
Guesses ? Oh, on you go - send them before 8pm on Sunday, to our email address.
Happy to see the return of Mr Barry De Foyle to our AZ airwaves.
He's on air, worldwide, via RTI ( and Sky 0195, on Saturday evening, just after 21.00 hours, UK time. Oh, and on our Pod the same evening, naturally.
Tune in ! He has many musical gems for you.
Just like this ! Here's the Barry De Foyle Playlist :
Barry De Foyle Show
The Album Zone
via, and Sky 0195
Saturday 4th August 2007, 21.00 hours
... thereafter on our Pod !, and Radio Seagull
Status Quo Is There A Better Way ?
Duke Special Last Night I Nearly Died
Feeder Feeling A Moment
Heather Nova Gloomy Sunday
Trees Nothing Special
Neil Young Cinnamon Girl
Shang Shang Typhoon Evening In Tokyo
Jean-Luc Ponty Renaissance
Jethro Tull Witch’s Promise
Charlotte Hatherley Rescue Plan
Gentle Giant On Reflection
Kevin Gilbert Suit Fugue (Dance Of The A&R Men)
The Stranglers Go Buddy Go
Haikara Kosovo
Dali’s Car His Box
Alice Chanson Egocentrique
The Offspring All I Want
The Divine Comedy Songs Of Love
Roy Budd Main Theme – Carter Takes A Train
Tori Amos Cornflake Girl
Simon and Garfunkel Hazy Shade Of Winter
Lene Lovich One Lonely Heart
Shed Seven Disco Down
Donna Summer I Feel Love
Prince Dinner With Delores
Jimmy Smith Three O’Clock Blues
Mott The Hoople Roll Away The Stone
Oysterband By Northern Light
The Johnny Reece Show
The Album Zone
Sunday 5th August 2007
20.00 hours, via
and Sky 0195
...thereafter, on our Pod !
It's an A to Z special...

That's all folks !
Thanks, as ever, for your support.
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