Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

Christmas Greetings Zoners,
are you all shopped out ? Or bursting at the seams ready to get up and go ?
Here at AZ Towers we've been producing and editing, getting everything done upfront, as our outlets demand that, pre-xmas.
All done now !
Well, almost, the Programmes are done, but the wrapping of presents is still to happen.
I swear I'll get that done today !
Honestly !

As I write this, December 21st, it's beginning to calm down, and all the AZ Personnel are involved in their own xmas plans, many travelling to far and wide, for the holidays.
It's just me here, and I'm behaving (really), preparing to type out a lot of playlists for you, which will appear later today via our MySpace Blog (
I am not even allowing myself a drop of brandy - it's too early for that.
Coffee it is, as concentration is needed.

May I take this opportunity to wish all of you a happy and peaceful Christmas.

On to what we try to do best, and that's our Programming.
What's coming up over the festive season ?
Here goes - and we'll start with our Dutch friends, at Radio Seagull in the Netherlands, which everyone can hear via the Net. (

AZ via Radio Seagull :
Mon 22nd Dec 21.00 CET : Simon G's Xmas Show (repeated 26th Dec 03.00 CET)
Tue 23rd Dec 21.00 CET : Zoe (repeated 27th Dec 03.00 CET)
Wed 24th Dec 21.00 CET : Johnny Reece (repeated 28th Dec 03.00 CET)
Thur 25th Dec 13.oo CET : Reecey on Xmas Day (1 Hour Programme)
Mon 29th Dec 21.00 CET : Barry de Foyle (repeated 2nd Jan 03.00 CET)
Tue 30th Dec 21.00 CET : Reecey and Zoe (repeated 3rd Jan 03.00 CET)
Wed 31st Dec 21.00 CET : Johnny Reece (repeated 4th Jan 03.00 CET)

CET timezone is 1 hour ahead of the UK, meaning 20.00 hours is right for you, should you be here in the UK. Subtract 6 hours from CET, if you're resident on the East Coast of the States.
All of you can hear us !

Don't forget !, you can also catch up with AZ via Hesser College Radio ( on Saturdays, at 12.00 EST, broadcast from Manchester, New Hampshire, USA.

Christmas greetings too, to our friends at WCRV 97.7 at Lake Ariel in Pennsylvania, USA.
AZ is aired there on Fridays and Sundays, 17.00 EST.

Ok, that should keep you busy !
Watch out for those playlists via our MySpace Blog later today, and all of us here at AZ wish you a fabulous and peaceful Xmas...

Steve and the gang... x