Sunday, January 25, 2009

Into a New Year...

Yes I know, I'm late late late... but Happy New Year anyway !

For 2009, I wish you all that you wish yourselves (well, nearly).
I know I'm biased, but the range of Album Zone Programmes recently has been excellent. A few 'specials' here and there, and may I say, not 'planned' as such, but last minute ideas coming to the fore. Firstly, we had Simon G doing his 'best of 2008' special - not only from the year itself, but many vintage pieces he had discovered in the last year, musical gems from years gone by.
It was fascinating to listen to.
Then our own Richard Bismarck popped up with a truly worldwide spectacular. Every track from a different country, I think he squeezed 30 of them into 2 hours in the end.
Next up, Rich Phoenix, and a special which is coming your way within the next fortnight.
We felt it was about time Rich did a truly personal show, his 'Greatest Hits' if you excuse the expression, songs that meant so much to him from growing up times, his experiences on USA Radio in the 60s and 70s, and right up to today. Some real surprises in there too, I've had a sneak preview.
In the planning stages now, are some shows featuring 'Guilty Pleasures', which both Johnny Reece and Zoe are working on. Expect the unexpected !

Incidentally, in case you missed it, the Richard Bismarck 'Worldwide' show, is repeated this Tuesday, 27th January, at 8pm (UK time) via Radio Seagull ( Then the last play will be 30th January, same place, at 21.oo hours, EST. Tune in if you can !

The next Johnny Reece Show follows on Wednesday, 28th, also via Seagull. As ever, expect the unexpected !
Now, to Rich's show. First airing via Seagull is Tuesday 3rd Febriuary, week after next, at 8pm UK time. This is repeated on 6th February at 21.00 EST. Be there ! There will be another opportunity to hear Rich's show late in February, too.

The punklicious Zoe breezed back into AZ Towers just the other day, and you can hear her new opus a week on Monday, 2nd February, at 8pm. I'll give you all the full Programme Schedules by next weekend, including news of newies up and coming from Andy Miles, and Gil Legine.

Now to the rather unhappy news that another Radio Station bites the dust, and that's RTI.
They cease programming at 11pm UK time tonight, Sunday, via Regulars to AZ will already know all about RTI, through The Album Zone. This is news that didn't come as too much of a surprise for us, after hearing of the closure of their FM outlets. The reasons behind it all we can only guess, but we do know large slices of broadcasting red tape are involved, and we presume the financial implications of that naturally followed. The English service via their FM outlets was first to go, after being on/off for a while, but the biggest shock to us, was hearing of the loss of the FM service to their local, loyal listeners. That had been going for many years, 10 ?, 20 ?, I'm not sure. Now they have no Radio Station they can truly call 'local', and that's perhaps the saddest thing, together with the fact that the people that I had heard all about, and the people that Johnny Reece met and had the pleasure of receiving great hospitality from, all suddenly seem to be out of work.
The closure of their own local service was a real surprise, and it became clear that much writing was already on the wall. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all their former staff well. I have heard much about them.
The announcement, 48 hours ago, that the Sky Satellite outlet was to close too, came as no real surprise, following the news of the earlier FM closures.
We have had the odd, shall we say, 'run-in' with RTI in the past, over various programming issues, but it is a sad day when a Station closes - particularly when so may people local to the area are affected. We wish them well.

Finally, our thanks, as ever, to our friends at our various outlets, who continue to broadcast The Album Zone around the world, from various locations. Radio Seagull now airs AZ eight times per week worldwide via the Net, then Hesser College Radio in New Hampshire USA once on Saturdays via the net, and WCRV locally, twice a week, in Pennsylvania. Kudos and thanks to you all.

I'll be back next week with Schedule details of what AZ goodies are in store for you, in the forthcoming weeks.

Have a great week, and thanks, as ever, for your support.

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone

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