Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More Newies, More Vintage...

Just a quick update and a Hi !, Boys and Girls...

The recent Vintage went down well, didn't it ? Dermot Vaughan, whom many of you had not heard before, was particularly popular, along with the AZ Vintage Shows from Radio 6.
Vintage wise, coming up shortly, a very young Gil Legine, from way, way back, at Radio 6, France.
Keep those ears peeled for that, it'll be on the Pod this coming weekend.

Newies on the way ? Of course !
Rich Phoenix, Andy Miles, Katrine... all new Programmes ready to burst out of AZ Towers and into your ears via the Pod, RTI, and, oh, the usual places, very shortly.

We'll be back at the weekend, with the Saturday and Sunday playlists, and Pod updates...

Thanks, Steve Lloyd.