Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday Aug 6th : Four things...

Hello all, welcome to Sunday.
Four things on our list today, so let's get on with it !

Firstly, can we just say 'Grattis på födelsedagen', to Katrine.
That's 'Happy Birthday', by the way. Have a lovely day.

Secondly, UK viewers don't forget - the legendary Posh Bird is on UK TV in the early evening, on Channel 4 to be precise, as we informed you just the other day. Pets a-go-go, as they say - look at our Blog 'special' on Posh Bird from a few days ago, for the full details.

Our Pod : We've been throwing things in the general direction of the Pod, as per your instructions.
On the 'Vintage' side, we have looked out both Radio Caroline and Radio 6 Programmes, which are sitting there right now, awaiting your delectation. These sit alongside the current Album Zone Programmes from Johnny Reece, Zoe Street, Katrine, Andy Miles, and Richard Bismarck.
Check it out !

And, as you know, being a Sunday, The Johnny Reece Show hits the worldwide airwaves on various frequencies at 20.00 hours (UK time) tonight.
We don't usually publish the playlist in advance, but as we had so much to tell you about today, with Birthdays, TV Programmes, Pod updates and the like, we thought we'd do it all at once.

So, here goes - this is tonights Johnny Reece Playlist :


C.C.S. - Whole Lotta Love
The Beloved - Hello
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Blondie - In The Flesh
Brian Eno - Seven Deadly Fins
Matthew Sweet - Not When I Need It
Soft Cell - Torch
The Saints - This Perfect Day
Marvin Pontiac - I’m A Doggy
MCDJ-JR - Café de Reves
Rod Stewart - Crazy About Her
Roxy Music - A Really Good Time (‘Live’)
Jeff Buckley - Lover, You Should’ve Come Over
Ezio - Go
Prefab Sprout - Goodbye Lucille No. 1 (Johnny, Johnny)
Barry Adamson - Jazz Devil
Barry Adamson - Can’t Get Loose
Squeeze - Last Time Forever
Moody Blues - So Deep Within You
The Ramones - I Don’t Wanna Grow Up
Malcolm McLaren - About Her
Sensational Alex Harvey Band - There’s No Lights On The Christmas Tree Mother, They’re Burning Big Louie Tonight
Ben Harper - Another Lonely Day
Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty - Stop Dragging My Heart Around
Herb Alpert -
This Guy’s in Love With You


Thanks, as ever, for your support.

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone