Monday, October 06, 2008

Late !

Hi Zoneheads,
here we are, back with a vengeance. Late with this update, I know, but here we are after a busy day here at AZ Towers.
All throaty fluey bugs have been quashed squashed and mangled (doesn't that conjur up pretty pictures eh ?) and we return to the business of putting things in your ears.
Not literally of course, unless that's what you perversely require.
AZ Towers has been busy this week, not only with Johnny Reece recording some choice cuts upfront due to his forthcoming visit to Paris looming large, but also Barry de Foyle's newie for October arriving within these hallowed walls, and, today, it was the turn of Reecey and Zoe, to record their 4th joint soiree opus.
I urge you not to miss this one, when it comes around in a week or so.
Worth noting too, that our friends at Radio Seagull are now broadcasting 24/7 via their website at, and they are now on MySpace too -
If you are a MySpacer (is that the phrase ?), then by all means add them to your friends list.
On to the week in hand, and as ever, Radio Seagull will air AZ 6 times this week - Monday through Wednesday at 21.00 CET, with Programmes, respectively, from Zoe, Gil Legine, and Johnny Reece. These are repeated Friday through Sunday, at 03.00 CET.
You will also be able to hear Johnny Reece around the globe on Monday, 21.00 UK or 22.00 CET, via the Sky Satellite (Channel 0195) and
It has been mentioned by a few listeners that the webstream via RTI doesn't work for everyone, so it is worth noting there is another way to access the RTI webstream, via - and then type 'Radio Tatras' in the search box, and up it'll come for you. Ok ?
Our continued thanks go to both WCRV, and Hesser College Radio in the USA, for their support of The Album Zone. Currently, WCRV air AZ twice per week, Fridays and Sundays at 18.00 EST to their local area at Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania, on 97.7 FM.
Hesser College Radio meanwhile, air us at 12.00 CET on Saturdays, via
We get around a bit, don't we ?
There will be more to come, although we'll let you know of any new outlets once everything has been confirmed, and the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed. And the kettle is on.
Have a great week everyone, and thanks, as ever, for your support.
Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone
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