Saturday, March 25, 2006

Here Comes The Flood

'Here Comes The Flood', as the Peter Gabriel song said.
No, no panic, just a bit of a problem at AZ Towers where various outside faults left us paddling around. Luckily everything is either on wall shelves or plinths etc, a good 3 ft above sea level. So, no real damage. Hence the late update - apologies !
And whilst I do the mop-up, our intrepid Scottish explorer Mr Reece is happily esconced at AZ NJ Studios, over the pond. Ah, tales to come from Johnny of his travels, we are sure of that. News reaches me of a major several hour trip into Bleeker St (a favourite haunt) to check out a few music shops which he is oh so fond of. Keep an eye on this blog too for 'A Scotsmans Travels' over the next 10 days or so. This does mean, naturally, there will be a minimum of 2 jointly hosted programmes to come on The Album Zone, with Johnny and Rich spouting forth about Music, New York, New Jersey, Life, the Universe, and Everything. And much more.
These will be aired both on RTI and Radio Seagull, in April.
Our shows meanwhile, continue on all the usual outlets and frequencies.

Thanks too, to a Zonehead benefactor (who wishes to remain nameless) but has put his wallet where his faith and musical taste lie, to keep our Live365 account active, purely to enable us to broadcast 'live' from AZ Towers in London, once, sometimes twice, per week.
Hey Zoneheads, how can we turn that one down ? Sure, the new rules are a major bind, though do not affect 'Live' Programming so much. It's the pre-records which cause the problems, so, we'll say a huge thanks, and 'Live' only is where we will be on 365 at various times, and of course it is right here on this Blog where you will discover, in advance, exactly when.

More gossip and travel tales to appear here shortly, courtesy of Mr Reece.

Have a nice day, y'all.

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone