Thursday, October 05, 2006

Katrine's Report from Nykoping, Sweden...

Since our sincerely Johnny Reece is a busy man, I thought I would help him with the blog today.
Update from Sweden !

What’s new?
Well, my house has since 2 days ago no heat and no hot water.
So I’m sleeping with a jacket, hat and scarf.
Not very happy about that to say it nicely. So I’m spending all my time awake (and asleep as well) freezing my nose off at the moment. And of course hanging out with friends, listening to music, trying to study if something funnier isn’t happening, which it normally is.
Like yesterday, when it was Mittwoch.

Mittwoch is a concert/event that our school is arranging once a month at the beautiful Theatre of Nykoping (see picture above).

Deportees took the stage with storm. It was their Tour opening night and the audience could enjoy one hour of fabulous country/pop/soul. Do listen to a track at
And keep your eyes open for Phoenix gigs in Europe this autumn – Deportees will support them.
Yesterday was their night though, and the supporters were two local acts ; Daniel Loefgren and Mellow.
Daniel Loefgren and his band were absolutely lovely, an upcoming guy with melancholic songs that he produces himself, and he has just been signed by the record label Norinism.
Anyway, we managed to sell out, almost.
After that late night and 4 hours of sleeping in the “igloo”, and also worrying about the big exam today, I woke up as a happy butterfly this morning by some weird reason, almost danced myself up from bed.
Feels like I’m high on nothing, if that’s possible.

And it’s still euphoria in my mind, even though I’m sitting on a boring bus for 5 more hours,on my way to Boras to visit family and friends.

My laptop is my best friend :)
I’m recording a new Album Zone Show there tomorrow, which will be up on the Pod soon.
Oh the exam?
It felt good, but you never know.
I think I am the worst pessimist you can meet, cause I really dislike getting disappointed.

The Battery is telling me to stop this now, but before I go, here is my Top 5 for today :

1. Owner Of A Lonely Heart – Yes
2. Rally – Phoenix
3. She’s So High – Tal Bachman
4. Damaged Goods – Deportees
5. People Have The Power – Patti Smith

Take care and have a nice weekend !

Pixie x

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