Thursday, November 30, 2006

Technology will decide...

Hello Zoneheads,
it's a waiting game...

Thanks to the regular listeners who have contacted us in the last 2 to 3 days, to say things like 'what's going on with the Pods' ????
We've been on to the Masters Of the Pods and have discovered they have been beset with all sorts of technological problems, which first affected our Pod 1, then Pod 2, and now both (along with thousands of others, of course - but it's our Pods we are worried about !).

So, here's the situation.

Pod 1 - still there, running nicely - except for the fact that we have 3 brand new AZ Shows to upload to it, and it won't let us put them up there. Grrr......
Newies from the Swedelicious Katrine, Gil Legine, and Johnny Reece are all sitting here, loaded, ready to rock...
As soon as the technological powers that be fix it - they all will be there, we assure you !
It's a bit out of our hands at the moment - and we did receive the usual answer - '24 to 48 hours' being the estimated time of sorting this out.

See ? Technology is great when it works... and so frustrating when it doesn't.

Now, Pod 2 - beset with its own problems, so, as from today, it will have a brand new URL.

Pod 2 will now be at :

Ah, but what will be on it ?
The brand new show from Punkbaby Zoe, that's what (hey, that's Mrs Howe to you, ok ?).
Check later today - 30th November - and treat your ears...

Meanwhile, as soon as the powers that be sort out Pod 1 - I will post the news right here... and also on our new myspace page, at

As for this weekend via RTI, Johnny Reece will be in his usual Sunday spot, and the Saturday spot this week features Rich Phoenix.
Playlists for both these Programmes will be posted here, on Saturday afternoon.

Speak soon, mes ami...

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone